Health Ranger Exposes 75 Years of Big Tobacco Lies!

Advocates for smoking show their true colors once again

A recent and infamous study by a few researchers from the Stanford University has found that the chemically raised foods and organic foods both have equal nutritional values and that, the latter is no better than the former!

It may sound convincing but the real heat is felt once you come to know the background of the researchers.  Seemingly funded by multinational bio-tech corporations, this study has been co-authored by Dr. Ingram Olkin who was at the forefront in tagging cigarette smoking as absolutely safe during the 60s and 70s, with assistance from Dr. Marvin Kastenbaum.  The enormous scientific hoax was designed by the “mafia-like big wigs” of the tobacco industry in order to safeguard their business even at the cost of thousands of lives. It is now becoming evident why Stanford University receives more donations from multinational corporations than any other university. A number of the researchers at Stanford (like Dr. Olkin) do not mind selling their ethics to the multinational companies who demand a distortion of science for their own benefit. History is repeating itself – what had been done to promote cigarette smoking is being done again, only this time it aims to propagate the use of genetically modified seeds which are more (if not equally) dangerous for human beings. The shameless propagandists for genetically modified seeds are the ones who deliberately tried to inculcate the idea that cigarette smoking is safe, nearly half a century ago.

Robert N. Proctor Golden, in his book entitled Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition, has stated that Dr. Olkin and his accomplices were paid to falsely testify before Congress that cigarette smoking was not harmful. Now, whether these people can be trusted or not is entirely up to you.

In the so called study co-authored by Dr. Olkin, no experiment was conducted, no planting of food was done and no sample was analyzed. It is merely a review of prior published studies. On the contrary, the study published by Washington State University may be regarded as more authentic. In this study, two same strains of strawberry were planted next to each other. One was conventionally grown with chemicals and the other was raised organically. In spite of experiencing the same climatic conditions, the organically grown strawberries had more nutritional value than the conventionally grown ones.

If anything needs to be deduced regarding the effects of organic food and its health benefits then it has to be done based on this experiment and not from any framed reports published by posers.

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