Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Voices Against GMOs on Steps of Capitol Building in Austin, Texas

On the steps of Capitol building in Austin, Texas:

As part of the rally for real food, which demands GMO labeling of food, Health Ranger, Mike Adams gave an inspiring speech on the steps of the Capitol building in Austin, Texas. Many other famous and important personalities who speak against GMOs were present in this wonderful initiative as well.

If you wish to see images of the supporters then all you need to do is go to the Facebook album of the event. You will see pictures of children with protest signs, supporters gathered around trying to understand why GMO labeling is so important for our future, pictures of the Health Ranger and other personalities giving speeches and other important incidents related to the event.



The purpose of the rally was to raise awareness about the adverse effects of GMO foods and the importance of GMO labeling. According to Mike Adams, the public has a right to know what’s in the food they buy and feed their children. He also said that it’s a fundamental right to know what we’re eating and to take active steps against genetically engineered food by labeling the food we’re buying. He said that victory against GMO foods is within our reach but a lot needs to be done to counter the corruption, the fraudulent science and the dishonest marketing and PR tactics of GMO seed producers.

Adams explained that our voices should be louder than those lobbyists who have a heavy influence on lawmakers and through public shaming and public protests against the companies, we can overpower the lies and deception of the GMO industry and sanity and integrity to the food we eat can be restored.

Mike Adams is a key member of a growing number of outspoken anti-GMO advocates. The rally was part of the kick-off of Non-GMO month which continues through October, 2012. A number of events, rallies, public awareness campaigns and protests are taking place this month.




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