Natural News: Grazing and rotating crops help increase ground fertility and decrease global warming

 In 2006, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization published a report that blamed livestock for 18 percent of the world’s man-made greenhouse-gas emissions. Since then, it has been the favorite weapon of globalists in their war against consumption of meat. But they turn a blind eye towards the large factory-farming operations which have the maximum contributions in destroying the ecological balance.  Amidst all such ruckuses, the real solution remains largely ignored.

The factory-farm raised cows do the most damage to the environment.  The solution however, is not to stop raising cows or eating meat but to raise cows in such a way so that the environment can gain something from them.  The lands that are used for farming are losing their fertility due to years of cultivation, and the topmost strata of the soil, gets washed away quite easily. Each year, the U.S. alone loses three billion tons of topsoil. According to the University of Wisconsin, soy and corn farming lands lost six times more topsoil than grazed pastures. Hence, it is evident that grazing the land and rotating it with growing crops can lead to an overall improvement in the productivity of the land. The grazing of land by cattle helps in two ways. First, the cattle eat a portion of the grass that results in new growth and an increase in biomass. Secondly, they fertilize the land by trampling manure and decaying organic materials into the soil. The carbon dioxide is trapped inside the ground which in turn helps a new plant to grow. It can be said that grazing a land and rotating it with crops keeps the carbon where it is most needed— inside the ground, thus reducing global warming.

Growing grass instead of crops also helps increase biodiversity as it can act as a habitat for hundreds of animals and insects. But the increasing demand for food is not allowing this. The persistent disappearance of grasslands is putting a halt to the biodiversity harbored by them. It can only be mitigated by sustainable farming and pasturing methods. If people start accepting grass-fed beefs as their food, it will put the environmentally toxic factory-farms out of business as well as help improve the ground’s fertility.

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