The Studies of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Assoc) Prove to be a Bundle of Lies!

The American Medical Association was established in 1947 by the physicians who were not happy with the fact that the natural remedies for curing cancer were becoming more popular than their treatment. This association manipulated the minds of American to think their way and strictly prohibited the use of herbs and other natural remedies and even homeopaths that have the power to cure all health related problems.

The journal of this association started publishing “facts” that weren’t facts at all and then statistics to prove themselves correct. They were exposed only when the doctors and physicians from other parts of the world visited the United States and saw the true healthcare conditions that prevailed there. They also found that the medicines prescribed by the physicians and which had the seal of acceptance by the association, contained mercury poisoning. The effect of the use of such highly toxic medicines could be seen, as many people then had sallow skin, sunken eyes and crooked teeth and jaws.

This propaganda of the association still continues to be published through its journal. The medicine field of America has been flooded with the tsunami of criminal conspiracy. The AMA passes all the drugs and medicines without testing them and put its seal of acceptance on receiving a good amount of money from the owners of the company.

This is the way things work in the crucial field of medicine, in the developed country like America. The journal was caught  publishing a wrong case study recently that proved that the amount of research, survey and analysis  required to put forward a conclusion about a company, a medicine or claim anything related with health issues is required, is not followed by the association. They just publish things to manipulate the minds of people and prevent them from using natural herbs and other remedied that will benefit their health at a very minimal price.

The AMA created the Department of Investigation (DOI) to hunt down doctors still using natural remedies. The department’s sole job was to shut down ANY HEALERS who could threaten AMA profits.

Then jump to recent fake study on Omega 3 fatty acids: A study just published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has resulted in a flurry of articles proclaiming the uselessness of omega-3 fatty acids in the prevention of heart disease. A USA Today headline declared: Fish oil supplements don’t prevent heart attacks, study says. ABC News published their story under this banner: Fish Oil No Lifesaver, Study Finds.


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