Fast food ad campaigns and TV “White Noise” very unhealthy for children

If you have kids at home then it becomes mandatory on your part that you take complete responsibility of their mental as well as physical well-being. And, for doing so, it is extremely important that you stay informed at all times so that you can guide your children away from things which may be a deterrent factor to their healthy growth and ultimately affect their decision-making capabilities as adolescents.


Beware of white noise from television sets


This is the first fact that has come up from a recently conducted national level research at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW). On  average, children are exposed to more than five hours of television, including the direct television-watching hours and the indirect exposure to the noise emitted while others are watching something. This is way beyond what the sensitive brains can take and the result is seen in the form of adolescents who grow up with speech defects, cognitive deficiencies and inability to communicate or interact with others.


So, the best thing that the parents can do is to simply switch off the tube when they aren’t watching it and ensure that their children don’t spend so much of time in front of a television or around it. This is if they want their kids to grow up with perfectly healthy senses. Rather, the children should be allowed get exposed to sunlight, which is a proven source of vitamin D, a nutrient essential for their healthy growth and overall development.


Keep your kids away from fast food ad campaigns


Though it’s easier said than done, it doesn’t cost much to try, right? So, do it now! Keep your kids as far away from the vigorously leading and promotional ad campaigns given by the fast food giants as they take up a lot of memory space in their sensitive minds.


This mind control mechanism which is very cleverly carried out by these biggies, can indirectly hamper your child’s decision-making capabilities and emotional balance.



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