Corporations spend BILLIONS to buy your MIND and your daily PURCHASE HABITS


October, 2012: Corporations push GMOs as perfectly normal, they push Aspartame as healthy weight loss aid, and Big Pharma pushes vaccines and flu shots as the “immunity” wonder drugs, but WHAT’S THEIR REAL AGENDA?

If we were all skinny, healthy and immune to disease, the doctors and hospitals might go broke! The Health Ranger Mike Adams points out the obvious and the ‘not so obvious’ to Natural News aficionados, but what about the unknowing, the uneducated, the mass followers, the SHEEPLE! They don’t know they’re eating poison every day. They are eating sugar free chemicals that make them hungry and fat. They are getting medicated to prevent catching something, but the shot, the medication itself contains live versions of that bacteria/virus, along with lots of other insane toxins, like animal blood and mercury.

Natural News enthusiasts need to share the best articles, the best videos, the best superfoods with their friends, their families, their coworkers, their neighbors, everybody! Corporations are running ads all over television that lie and try to lead everyone down the path to dietary destruction. Nothing is worse for your body than eating pesticides, bacteria infused synthetic sweeteners, and injecting metals and foreign animal blood into your veins.

When did it all get so convoluted? Maybe people need more than a push back to reality, back to homeopathy, back to organic living. Maybe they need … “The hidden history of medicine!”

Attention Sheeple: Corporations spend BILLIONS to buy your MIND and your daily PURCHASE HABITS!!!

The “cult of scientism” believes nature is a failure. Mike Adams knows nature is the answer, to nutrition, to disease prevention, to curing disease.

Everything you buy, whether it’s clothes, food, medicine, supplements or even just entertainment – everything either suppports evil corporations or organic living. There is nothing in between anymore. Nothing is just neutral anymore. Any where there is to be made a buck and poison the sheeple, the Man has thought it through and worked an angle on it.

Don’t even try to call me a conspiracy theorist either, cuz I’m not havin’ it!

Do you drink tap water? It’s fluoridated in most states, cities and counties, which means it makes your bones brittle and your teeth get fluorosis! Yep. You didn’t know? You thought it made teeth strong? Wrong.

Do you buy any vegetables at the grocery store, thinking you’re eating right? If its not organic, its most likely GMO- pesticide laden food, with pesticide in the seed, in the plant, on the plant, and now it’s in your genes, your DNA. Yep. You didn’t know? You thought all vegetables were the same? Wrong.

Wait, you found some medicine that’s FDA approved so you’re “sure” it’s okay now, right? If it’s FDA approved, that means some huge pharmaceutical firm could afford the millions it costs to bypass testing and safety standards, and to falsify test results, or even to say there are some when there are NONE. Oh, you didn’t know? You thought U.S. medicine heals you? Ooops. Wrong again.

I don’t mean to sound negative, so here’s the POSITIVE side to it all:

Go organic. Eat superfood. Drink spring water. Take organic vitamins and minerals. Eat antioxidants. Eat herbs and nature’s medicine as it was intended for humans, not sheeple – the blind lost followers of evil corporations.


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