Antidepressants invite stroke and hemorrhage

Before you order your next set of antidepressants, you should be aware of the side effects that they impose on your health – both mental and physical. They not only cause stroke but can also trigger hemorrhage and serious risks for children who are born to parents who are on antidepressants. This is not all. These SSRIs also come with a whole line of side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding, hormone imbalances, male infertility, heart disease, premature birth, cataracts, violent urges, miscarriage, and breast cancer.

There are proven records of these side effects which you can take a look at with a little bit of research. For starters, antidepressants do nothing but just push you more into depression and give you a ‘’great’’ time dealing with the toxic side effects of using these antidepressants. Take a look at this-  Western University in London, Ontario had conducted 16 different studies on the drugs, including more than 500,000 total participants, concluded that taking SSRIs is associated with a more than 50 percent increased risk of intracranial hemorrhage, and a roughly 40 percent increased risk of intracerebral hemorrhage, a subtype of intracranial hemorrhage.

The next time you order a prescription of Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft or Lexapro, you also need to remember that you are unknowingly passing on health disorders to your offspring as well. Now, do you really want that kind of treatment for yourself? Why not opt for healthy living and healthy eating instead? It’s safe and it keeps you happy and free from depression without any harmful effects. The more you drown yourself in all the pills and chemicals, the more you will be welcoming the health disorders.

You can also check out this amazing new music video released by the Health Ranger which sheds light on the “illegitimate drugging of American children with deadly SSRI drugs in the name of psychiatric medicine” if you want to know more about these deadly antidepressants.


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