Free Yourself! – Get introduced to new age survival techniques through ‘Surthrival’

You would think we went back in time, to some era where we didn’t know how to prepare for storms, for disaster, for anything. Where was the BEFORE STORM PREPARATIONS like extra fuel, food, spring water and housing??

It’s time for … Surthrival

Be prepared for the next turn of events following the disastrous Superstorm Sandy. But how is that possible with the administration hardly bothering to take a look at the requirements of the inhabitants and the emergency services not even finding the need to visit half of the affected areas.

Mike Adams, Health Ranger for Natural News had already predicted these events long back. At that point in time, nobody was prepared to believe him. But at present, people have no option but to believe him as he validates his predictions with his detailed report on the post-disaster management and survival techniques.

Here’s more:

Natural News has come up with an excellent report where Mike Adams has taken the initiative of teaching and training the survivors as well as the kids on how to protect themselves during such disasters. This course known as ‘Surthrival’ offers both basic as well as advanced information on how to tackle difficult situations and continue to thrive after disastrous events have taken place. It might be anything from flu to a drinking water contamination problem.

This course promises to be the real solution for people living in cities and suburbs, especially those who are under constant threat from the low-life criminals who are searching for an opportunity to invade the houses of innocent and unarmed citizens who are attacked as soon as a bit of their security is rendered vulnerable due to certain unavoidable circumstances.

You know why this is important? For ensuring protection of self and of those near and dear – here’s another candid prediction by Mike Adams. That day is not far away when riots and mass protests will rage across the states of America as a show of frustration by the citizens towards the irresponsible administration.

Read a bit about this amazing course at:

Here you will be trained about valuable survival skills like food preservation, bartering, staying warm in a cold climate, systems for light and heat, how to deal with refugees who need help and other useful topics.



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