Organic chia seeds can be the perfect food

Organic chia seeds have been unavailable for the last few years in United   States. But the wait is over. Natural News has managed to get a hold of a container full of packed organic chia seeds from Argentina and they are ready for sale. Anyone who is interested in buying these seeds can visit the online store of Natural News and place an order according to his or her requirement. Organic chia seeds are easy to prepare, good to eat and of course, healthy. People all over the world are getting more and more aware of the usefulness of chia seeds and hence, these seeds are gaining immense popularity fast.

The seeds that Natural News is offering have been packed by Nutiva only a few weeks ago and are going to last for at least two years. But if chia seeds are stored properly in a dry and cool place, they can be expected to last for more than five years. Last year, these seeds were not available in the market as floods and drought reduced their production to a large extent. The seeds come in packets of 12 oz. and the methods of preparations are prescribed on the reverse side of the packets.

Chia seeds are extremely nutritious and can help people survive for a long time under emergency situations like a natural calamity. These seeds are rich in omega-3s and other essential oils. They retain more protein than wheat, taste better than flaxseed, are rich in zinc, folic acid, antioxidants, fibers, calcium, magnesium and other plant based materials. In spite of so many attributes, Natural News is offering them at really affordable prices so that everyone across the length and breadth of the country can afford them. These seeds have been certified by the USDA and can be considered safe for consumption.


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