Life is Bigger!! Explore the vastness of afterlife in ‘Proof of Heaven’ by Dr. Alexander

Do you believe in the afterlife? Do you believe that there is a supreme creator who has designed every part our lives? Do you believe in the immortality of your soul?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you must also know that the Earth is the ultimate testing ground where the souls are sent to win the ultimate battle, evading the forces of evil and walking on the path of righteousness and honesty.

All this is not a theory anymore. Dr. Eben Alexander, a trained neurosurgeon who was previously a part of the skeptic scientist community and believed in nothing other than the materialistic view of the universe, woke up to a whole new view of the afterlife, God, Heaven, Multiverse and the role of Earth and human beings in the entire cycle of life beyond human life. In his documentation, ‘Proof of Life,’ he has documented his experiences during his seven-day brain dead status.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger for Natural News covers this story and gives us an insight into the documentation with his views established long ago (about multiverse, concept of the creator, etc). Learn more at:

This is just further proof of the fact that the science skeptics are so wrong in what they have established after years of research and progress. The point is – they have been proven wrong by someone who swore by materialism before being attacked by the deadly e. coli bacteria and dragged him into the depths of nothingness. It is only after this incident that the doctor could awaken to the actual facts that go beyond human comprehension. This is exactly what he narrates in his work and the readers are thus taken on this incredible journey through the eyes of Dr. Alexander. With just a three percent chance of survival, according to medical science, he has been able to beat all the materialistic explanations. Know more about all this in:


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