De-volution: Human intelligence and emotions are REDUCING as research shows

Humans boast that they are the most developed of all life forms in the world. It is definitely true as no other animal can match their attributes and aspects. But the features that make humans different from other animals seem to be becoming void. Natural News says that certain things can be perceived in the modern world that can indicate a degeneration of human attributes. A research paper titled “Trends in Genetics, May be Humans Are Becoming Less Intelligent” published in Cell Press Journal has stated that humans are losing their intellectual and emotional powers.

Dr. Gerald Crabtree who authored the paper has opined that a large number of genes are responsible for developing intelligence and emotions in human beings. In prehistoric times when Homo sapiens first began to evolve, sustenance of life was a biblical task and so there was always a need for maintaining genes that enhanced intelligence and emotion. But with the advent of modern technology and urbanization, the issue of natural selection and survival of the fittest, the most intelligent became less and less prevalent which resulted in intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Crabtree has told Natural News that about 2,000 to 5,000 genes are necessary for intellectual abilities and within 120 generations, humans may have two or more mutants that can harm intellectual and emotional stability. Researchers opine that probably the main source of the problem lies in the pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are used to grow and prepare foods at present. However, Dr. Crabtree is not much concerned with the situation as he is optimist that  future medical science will be developed enough to deal with such problems. Whether humans are devolving instead of evolving is a matter of controversy but the result of some recent studies at least point to the direction that the future of human intelligence and emotional capabilities are under stress.


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