Airport scanners damage diabetes monitoring equipment

diabetic xray airport damageThe government always devises new ideas and concepts to ensure the safety and security of the citizens. But in doing this, they sometimes damage more people than a terrorist attack possibly would. Today, body scanners and x-ray machines are the most favorite and reliable security equipment for airport managers. These scanners help the security personnel to check whether any unlawful things are being transported onboard an airplane. But there is a negative effect as well. The rays that these scanners emit can harm pacemakers and diabetes monitoring instruments in patients and can give rise to dire situations.

Natural News reports that according to an article published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, full body scanners can do heavy damage to insulin pumps and other diabetes monitoring devices. The researchers from the University of Colorado-Denver have warned in the article that the scanners and X-Ray machines are able to damage the medical equipments like insulin pumps, GCM devices and also the iPro Recorder. These devices are essential for diabetes patients and any functional problem in these instruments can give rise to a life threatening situation.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, does not seem to be much concerned about the fact that body scanners are damaging essential medical equipments. In fact, it is improper to expect a humane attitude from an organization that is infested with personnel who are busy stealing from passengers at airports. According to a Natural News, ABC News has exposed 20 U.S. airports where more than one TSA official has been fired on charges of stealing from passengers. Between 2002 and 2011, almost 400 TSA employees were fired on theft charges. TSA has long demanded that its employees are honest and hard-working. But with more and more complaints against TSA personnel at the airports, that demand is losing ground.


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