American Medical Association: The seat of immorality in the name of service

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The American Medical Association or AMA as it is commonly known was established in the year 1847 to bring ‘regular’ doctors under one umbrella. Prior to the middle half of 19th century, the health sector in America was taken care of by traditional doctors including Indians, homeopaths and midwives who provided efficient services and medicines that effectively cured diseases without causing any side effects. But the immense potential of huge profits lured the ‘regular’ medical practitioners who found it important to form an association in order to thwart the age old medical practices.

Hidden History of Medicine

Right from its inception, the AMA has been involved in controversy. Natural News reports that it took every possible step to put an end to the conventional and effective ways of treatment by coining traditional doctors as quacks. The AMA has always been open only to those who consider traditional methods of treatment as improper and try hard to propagate modern treatments in order to maximize profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Natural News reports that the AMA also hired thugs to keep people away from natural remedies. Anyone who wanted to embark on a medical profession had to have approval from the AMA. Anyone who was found practicing conventional methods of treatment was subjected to threats and punishments. The AMA still continues to be such an organization that employs modern methods to keep people in illusion about the modern ways of treatment that are harming more people than they are curing. The actions of the AMA are aptly complemented by the government agencies and big pharmaceutical companies whose sole purpose is to extract money from common people in the name of effective treatments.

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