No media attention on the woman who stopped a mass murder with the help of a gun

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The incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School has moved the whole world. The government has capitalized on the incident and is moving ahead with the plans of prohibiting U.S. citizens from owning firearms. But in the mean time, the news of a person stopping another massacre with the help of a gun has gone totally unreported. Natural News reports that a woman in San Antonio, Texas stopped another massacre from taking place a few days after the Sandy Hook incident. It is reported that the woman was an off duty law enforcement officer who saved many lives by using her own gun against an armed and cold blooded killer.

The incident happened in Texas when a lone gunman opened fire on  movie goers at a local theater. The abruptness of the incident caught everyone off guard and people, after realizing what had happened, started panicking and running in search of safety. The situation could have been aggravated if a citizen armed with her own gun had not confronted the shooter. The incident was controlled with the injury of only two people, but it could have been a lot worse if the off duty law enforcement officer had not been present at the location at the right time, with her own gun.

This incident of bravery has gone totally unnoticed in the mainstream media. Anyone outside San   Antonio hardly knows about the incident. Natural News reports that the mainstream corporate media houses are now being driven with an anti-gun agenda and that is why stories like this never find a place in news bulletins and in papers. This incident clearly shows that incidents like Sandy Hook can easily be averted if trained citizens are allowed to take steps for their own as well as the community’s safety.

But you can stay focused, balanced, and informed of what’s really going on. Turn off your TV, set down the lying newspaper, and tune in to Natural News Radio, in your car, at work, outback enjoying the weather, wherever:

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