Depressed? – Choose from fatalistic drugs and deadly shock treatment!

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The medical world has itself gone insane; watch out:


This just in:

Even if you are in the deepest pits of depression, don’t dare consider going to a psychiatrist for help, that is, if you want to live. Are you surprised to read such a strange piece of advice? Then be ready to get the shock of your life (even stronger than the electric shock therapies administered) when you discover the real face of medical surgery and the treatment procedure  adopted by the “evil” mind doctors in America.

Can you imagine doctors mourning over the decrease in the usage of electric shock treatment for mental disorders? Yes, this is a fact. For the so called doctors, this may be a deterrent factor, but we say that people are finally waking up to the possibility of a manipulation of the treatment procedure by people who are either not interested in their profession anymore or they are just basically sadistic in nature.

All this is exposed only here at Natural News. Health Ranger, Mike Adams comes up with these shocking facts that are sure to shake the foundation of the belief on the medicinal progress and the pride with which people praise the surgical methods in America. Now, its either harmful drugs or deadly surgery with no certainty of getting back to sanity again.

If we go back in time, there is ample evidence to suggest that the surgical procedures incorporated by the doctors have always been doubtful. We have even come across shocking facts. If you go through –


–  you will see that a doctor (Dr. Henry Cotton, head of Psychiatry) even used pliers to take out teeth and claimed that it is good for  mental health.

There are several such facts that come to the forefront such as – babies being operated on without local anesthesia:

Natural News will keep you updated about these unbelievable facts so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from being tortured at the hands of the “mad doctor” out there.


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