The truth about superbugs, RoundUp and Monsanto – know your defense and spread the word


RoundUp and Monsanto

There’s nothing left to prove anymore. Natural News has brought it all out in the open – Monsanto’s Superbugs, RoundUp and GMO causes cancer. Much has been said about the usefulness of weed killer, and bug killer and pest killer. We’ve seen what it actually brings forth. Actual corn and soy seedlings are sprayed with these so called crop savers, which are actually nothing more than just DNA destroyers and millions of American citizens are being fed with poison, ultimately ending up with cancer. Natural News hasn’t stopped its crusade against  Big Pharma who has reached the zenith of their callousness. See what Mike Adams has to say on this:

That Monsanto is pure evil and innocent lives are being affected by their GMOs is something that Natural News has been highlighting and proving all this time. The facts were explored and exposed long ago. It’s just that the effects and the results have started showing only recently.

On  September 11, 2011, the staff writer for Natural News, Ethan A. Huff, reported:

RoundUp’s effects aren’t a bit less even if it’s used in its diluted form. In a study, it was proved that when diluted to 99.8 percent, it still destroyed human DNA. Here are the details of this study:

Now, do you understand  exactly how much poison has gone into creating this kind of a pesticide?

Being aware and spreading the word is the only way to save more people from being caught in this trap.

If you haven’t yet heard about Pinkwashing then go through this:

Monsanto products even cause birth defects.

But there’s still hope, we still have a way of fighting Superbugs. Natural News Store is there to guide you through it:–30-count_p_215.html

You just need to share this information with everybody you know – friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, etc. You can even go to Natural News and do your own studying. The point is, don’t let the doctors inject you with anything, blindly. Be aware and stay safe. Tune in to:

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