Natural News exposes 12 Great Food and Medicine Myths; Get the “Shaman” truth

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Natural News Editor Mike Adams has compiled a list of 12 statements for you.

From aspirins to fluoride, from calcium supplements to Western medicine, from toxic vaccines to flu shots – this list is comprised of what your mind is being fed with, accompanied by links which will show you what the fact is:

1. One aspirin (or a few baby aspirin) every day can ward off heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

2. Calcium supplements can help with indigestion, acid reflux, and Crohn’s .

3. Advances in technology in Western Medicine make it the best in the world.

4. The U.S. helps other countries by shipping healthy food and vaccines to them.

5. Fluoride in  municipal water helps people have strong teeth and healthy gums.

6. Mammograms help detect cancer early, are not harmful to the body, and are usually correct.

7. Drilling holes in your teeth and filling them with mercury fillings is the best way to deal with tooth decay and plaque.

8. Flu shots and vaccines protect the body against disease, and help you build immunity to new diseases, such as swine flu and superbugs.

9. Allopathic doctors (most MDs) know about nutrition, but prescribe medications because nutrition isn’t enough to prevent disease, disorder, and relieve pain.

10. Medications for anxiety, depression, bipolar and ADHD are necessary or they wouldn’t advertise them on tv, radio, and in medical journals, publications, and online sites like WebMD.

11. Dr. Oz and “The Doctors” shows have lots of sponsors and advertisers who sell you on drugs you need to be normal.

12.  Susan G. Komen Foundation, The American Cancer Society (ACS), and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) are all searching for the cure for cancer.

Here’s more:

A study that was recently published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concluded that taking aspirin without medical requirement can pose a serious threat to your health especially your eyesight. Natural News has more on this:


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