Taking America out of financial crisis and toxic life


Consider this –

By 2015, America can become a 100 percent organic nation, with a balanced budget and surplus to support Naturopath consultation and transition from the toxicity that the lives of innocent citizens have been subjected to.

How is this possible? Natural News has been taking the initiative to spread awareness about the benefits and necessities of taking to organic food along with natural curing procedures, and abandoning the path of poison induced life. They have also invited the readers to express their thoughts freely and blog away at their own free will – talk about surthrival, organic food, natural cure and all that’s not toxic.






Now, Mike Adams has come up with a few more revolutionary ideas that will definitely leave the toxic food and medicine industry high and dry.

  • Tax advertisements by 50 percent
  • Tax  all soda, Aspartame, Sucralose, Sorbitol, MSG and GMO corn and soy 300 percent
  • Tax increase up to 200 percent for all processed food
  • Tax fattening food (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_tax)

These will not only pay for all the short-term health damages but also help the economy to revive by a great deal from the present state – 18 trillion dollar deficit – thanks to all the fake wars. Natural News has more on this:


Being a part of the government, Texas Congressman  Ron Paul has still managed to take his stand against all the mindless standing with a unique strategy –


As he has pointed out correctly, the citizens have woken up to the importance of breaking away from the government controlled food and healthcare industry. As such, they have started relying on health supplements and natural revival processes in order to get saved from toxic assault. They are tired of letting the government decide their diet, their healthcare and their finances – in short, their lives.

Paul’s Plan to Restore America is indeed a brilliant plan devised to get the nation out of the two most dangerous things  presently – financial crisis and toxicity.


There’s a lot going on out there – be a part of the movement, check out these sites. You’re free to express your concerns as well.












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The Take Down Of America


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