Make the connection! Toxic fish farming and poisoned seafood being fed to millions – Natural News exposes it all

fishman is dead

Fish is no longer safe for consumption. If you aren’t aware of it then in all probabilities you haven’t yet been introduced to the concept of toxic fish farming. Heard about fish CAFO and Fukushima radiation seafood? Natural News has more on it.

You definitely need to find out the facts about fish farming and the polluted methods of getting sick and poisonous fish, cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs delivered and sold. So, you can’t really be sure that you are not one of those who haven’t consumed one such  variety at a restaurant near you. Let Mike Adams show you the real face of toxic fish farming so that you can stop eating those and keep cancer at bay.

There is more than one way of farming such fish and if you want to know about all those, then you’ve got to read more at:

It’s important to stay aware of what’s being done to make money at the cost of your health and life. Imagine consuming meat from the cows or cattle caged together in hellish conditions. How do you expect such poisoned food to do any good for you? Add to that the toxic syrup that is being fed to the cattle by corporations. Say hello to CAFO, a confined animal feeding operation – there’s a lot of money involved in this extremely flourishing business as well.

If shrimp, sushi and other varieties of seafood had been a favorite of yours, dump it all ASAP! Just think about the massive leaking from the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown, thanks to a tsunami.

Get to know the dangers of stacked pools of shrimp – the source of your daily shrimp supply. Here’s what it’s like – 25 kilograms of shrimp to be bred in one cubic meter of water. Still not convinced? Natural News editor Mike Adams has more for you.


Toxic fish farming and poisoned seafood being fed to millions – Natural News exposes it all



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