Death from Flu AFTER Flu Vaccine? Yes, that is correct.

emergency room (2)Vaccines full of toxins failed to save a teenager

who died from the flu in spite of being vaccinated


It is now reported that a teenager in Minnesota has died from the flu in spite of being vaccinated with flu shots before the flu season commenced. Natural News reports that Carly Christenson, who was 14, was admitted to a hospital but she died on January 8 succumbing to the flu that she had been suffering from. But Carly was vaccinated with flu shots not long before the flu season started. This indicates the vagueness of the claim that vaccines can prevent diseases.


The main reason behind the failure of the vaccine is that most of the modern vaccines are full of harmful ingredients that are more adept in taking lives than saving them. Dr. Maurice Hilleman who used to be a vaccine scientist at Merck once clearly admitted that vaccines contain cancer and even the AIDS viruses. At the time when Hilleman stated this, there was no internet, but today his words can be found all over the internet in documented form. This ugly truth about vaccines never came out because it was kept a secret by the scientists themselves.


Today, it is a widely known fact that vaccines contain harmful chemicals. In fact, most of the vaccines are infested with toxins and even animal parts. The most widely used chemicals in vaccines are bovine cow serum, sorbitol, gelatin, sodium chloride, thimmerosal, formaldehyde and phenoxyethanol. Bovine cow serum can result in low blood pressure, skin reactions and chest pains. Sorbitol worsens IBS and gastrointestinal problems, sodium chloride is responsible for high blood pressure and is also known to create problem in muscle contraction and growth. Thimmerosal can cause autism especially in children who are subjected to multiple vaccines, reports Natural News.


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