Trans Fat infecting World with poor nutrition and disease; Omega 3 Solution by Natural News


Health Basics 101: The Positive Impact of Omega-3 and the ill effects of Trans Fat

Omega-3 is an important ingredient for the development of the human body and now it has been reported that a lack of Omega-3 in people’s diet can cause some irrational behavior which can even turn violent at some point in time. But there are certain instances when people tend to ignore the fact that mental health is largely related to nutritional deficiencies. With thorough research, it has been proven that a lack of Omega-3 and proper nutritional food can damage the brain and give rise to various mental illnesses. This can be one of the main reasons behind the growing number of mental patients in society. Natural News reports some important solutions to avoid this negativity in the future.

There are certain essential fatty acids available which are quite important for the development of proper health. These are just like minerals or vitamins and are comprised under the designation of Omega-6 and 3. These fats must be consumed through supplements or regular diet. There are various benefits that are associated with Omega-3. This is good for cardiovascular health. There are two vital Omega-3s, docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, which help to control the inflammatory levels. There are certain research results available, where it is mentioned that these two acids can also help in boosting cognitive function, pregnancy and lactation, good immune system, good eye condition, mobility of joints and more.

According to Natural News, trans fats are quite hazardous to health. Marion Nestle, in her book What to Eat expresses that the results of research associated with trans fats may not prove to be quite fruitful. Even if consumed in small amounts, still the impact of such ingredients may become the harbinger of some serious health problems. If you can avoid trans fats, it should always be on your list of priorities. For a better and healthy life, making such a small change is at least worth an attempt.


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