U.S. Infrastructure “crumbling” thanks to fiscal cliff stalemate

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Infrastructure, rising tax rates — American nightmares likely to coming true.
Natural News and Mike Adams have more on this:

America has always been the dreamland for many, but that dream is now slowly being shattered into pieces. It has been reported by Natural News that the infrastructure in the country is not suitable to cope with the emerging challenges of constant development. Infrastructure of a country indicates how advanced it is in social, political and economic aspects. But in the U.S., nearly all the infrastructural arrangements are on the verge of failing. In fact, there have been a number of bridge collapses, levee and dam malfunctions and road failings in the last few years in America.

The American Society of Civil Engineers or ASCE, which happens to the oldest engineering society in the U.S., has published a recent report entitled Report Card for America’s Infrastructure in which it has clearly indicated the dilapidated condition of bridges, roadways, dams, power plants, water treatment plants, parks, schools, railways and other transit systems all over the country. Moreover, the facilities that are in place are not maintained properly which is leading to an ultimate disaster. It is also reported that one in every four bridges in America is either functionally obsolete or is structurally deficient. ASCE has also opined that a large number of dams in America are on the verge of failing due to the lack of proper care and maintenance.

The nightmare does not stop here, instead it gets worse over the uncertainty regarding the fiscal cliff. If U.S. authorities don’t change their reckless course regarding the fiscal cliff, then the U.S. may begin experiencing complete mayhem.


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