Forced vaccination continues with government playing the role of a tyrant

forced vaccination (2)

Vaccines were supposed to prevent the onset of diseases, but in reality they do a little of that and more of breeding complications in the body. When people became more aware of the effects of vaccines, they started refusing to get vaccinated. As a result, the big pharmaceutical companies saw doom in the sudden spread of awareness against vaccines which prompted the government to carry out forced vaccinations of people and especially children. Natural News reports that a court in Australia has ruled in favor of the forced vaccination of a girl against her mother’s will. The mother had chosen homeopathic immunizations for her daughter and probably that was her greatest ‘blunder.’ Know more about this news story at:

You may think that it may happen in Australia or in some other countries but not in the U.S.; you are horribly wrong. The truth is that the U.S. is in no better state as far as vaccinations are concerned. In fact, here, people who refuse to get vaccinated are treated like criminals. That has been the treatment in the case of some Maryland children whose parents refused to vaccinate their children with conventional medicine. The children were forced into the Prince George County courthouse where they were forcefully vaccinated under the guard of attack dogs and armed personnel. Want to know more about this appalling incident? Log on to:

The tyranny certainly does not stop here. In fact, it continues even more. According to the latest Natural News report, laws have been proposed in Texas in order to carry out vaccination of children, also without the consent of their parents. Senate Bill 63 entitled “Relating to consent to the immunization of certain children,” clearly states the minor’s consent to vaccination would be regarded valid even if it is given without the knowledge of the parents. Know more at:


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