Ron Paul gains popularity

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In the wake of several anti-people stances of the government, Natural News opines that a comprehensive background check of all the top notch officials in the administration and especially of the congressmen would reveal the hypocrisy of the government. Smoking marijuana has been criminalized in a number of states which means that smoking marijuana is not a legal act. If the bureaucrats of the U.S. government have nothing to hide about themselves from the public, they should consider undergoing a test of marijuana. Learn more at:

The issue of gun control is raging nowadays, but is there any appropriate reason for controlling guns? According to Mike Adams, what America actually needs at present is medication control. It turns out that most of the infamous mass shooters in the last two decades had been going through psychiatric medication before they committed the heinous crimes. Take for example, the case of Adam Lanza, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It has been reported by ABC News that Lanza was suffering from “mental illness” and was possibly being treated with psychiatric drugs. But the government is taking advantage of the incidents by blaming the prevalence of guns in America without addressing the real problem. To know more log on to:

Though many are feeling helpless as well as hopeless in front of the atrocities of the government, not all are ready to give up so easily. Ron Paul has become a heroic figure in American society due to his stark criticism of the government policies that are directed against public interest. Paul has been maintaining the same stance for almost 25 years when it comes to public freedom. The pro-people attitude of this Republican has made him a favorite figure among Democrats as well, reports Natural News. More of this is reported at:

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