The U.S. government warms up for WAR against its own citizens

simulation war city
Americans should prepare themselves immediately:

There has been a growing concern on the U.S. government’s relentless hyperactivity in the name of national security. But now it turns out that the government is warming up for a full scale war on its own citizens. The Department of Homeland Security or the DHS has recently purchased almost two billion ammunition rounds, 2700 mine resistant vehicles and 7,000 assault weapons, reports Natural News. Keeping in mind that the jurisdiction of the DHS is limited within the country, it is clear that these weapons would be used on none other than American citizens themselves, warns a former U.S. Army captain. More of the news is covered at: .

So, what would you do if tomorrow or a day later DHS personnel arrive at your house to grab you on charges of crimes that you never committed? Would you give up? Or you would give them a fight? If you refuse to fall prey to the whims of the DHS, you have to prepare yourself properly. Preparation does not only mean stacking up guns and bullets, you have to make arrangements so that you can survive for a long time with stored foods. In order to get an idea of what foods can help you survive with good health visit the Natural News store at: .

Mike Adams has been reporting on the atrocities of the U.S. government for years and now it’s high time that you join him in making America a better place to live. Interact with him through his Facebook page ( and know more about what the government is trying to do and what you need to do in return. This will help create public opinion that would compel the government to think of the consequences before formulating an anti-public policy.

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