Going Global: The adverse side effects of food containing GMO

girl vomits

Are you sick? Are you sick of GMO? Are you sick to death of GMO?

According to Natural News, rats that live on corns which possess GMO tend to grow horrifying tumors which finally results in death. Not only that, but such corns can also give rise to multiple organ failure, premature death and various other fatal results. It clearly shows how consuming genetically modified corn can give rise to long term side effects. Thus, it is always advisable to avoid food product that contain high level of GMO substance in it. This new and horrifying news is spreading all over the internet like fire and people are literally shocked over the pictures of rats with tumors. The tumors are so large that it creates difficulty in breathing as well.
For more information, please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/037249_gmo_study_cancer_tumors_organ_damage.html#ixzz2SVyO6nG2

The FDA has already started treating the farmers who are associated with raw milk distribution like terrorists. But now the situation is seriously getting out of hand. The National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods have lodged a petition with the FDA and have asked them to alter the meaning of the term milk. This will help them to include artificial sweeteners which are full of harmful chemicals like sucralose and aspartame. It is hard for the buyers to avoid such sweeteners as these are not labeled on the product. Thus, the customers are left with no other options rather than consuming these.
For more info, log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/039244_milk_aspartame_fda_petition.html#ixzz2SVyd6uCL

Thus, from the above mentioned discussions, it is clear that people seriously need some useful devices with the help of which they can detect the hidden danger in these food products. According to Natural News, with the help of advancing technology, people can easily input an “app” in their smart phones that will help them to detect the presence of GMO inside the food products, which are consumed on a daily basis by millions of unsuspecting humans.
For more information, please log on http://www.naturalnews.com/039993_fooducate_GMO_smart_phone.html


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