The path to enlightenment may not be “paved,” but you can still forge your way, naturally!

simulation war city

With all the crisis in the news lately, it’s hard to focus on what really matters, like your family, your health, your work (the work you enjoy) and your own extra curricular joys. With all the crisis in Washington DC, with the IRS, the FDA, and the Department of Homeland Security fraud, it’s hard to focus on safety issues and making informed decisions about self defense, survival needs, and the future of food and medicine. You may find it hard to get good advice, because Western Medicine doctors are lying through their teeth, to make big bucks off your unnecessary surgery, or mammogram scamograms, or putting mercury fillings in your “cavities” you don’t really have. It’s hard to get any nutrition advice from a dentist who recommends fluoride and xrays every time you go, and bleaching your teeth, over and over, with dangerous chemicals. It’s hard to take advice from someone who went to medical school for 8 years to learn how to remove organs that are in disorder from consuming chemicals in foods.

With all the crisis in the newspapers lately, especially that Sunday Paper, it’s hard to focus on positivity, and all the beautiful things you could be doing with your spare time and “extra money” that you will soon have from eating organic food and ignoring the “press.” Yes, natural news enthusiasts are here to empower you, not control you. The answer is in your hands. The answer is in your smart phone, or on your laptop computer screen, or your nook, kindle, or iphone. The answer is on youtube. The answer is on videos and independent films like Food Matters, Forks over Knives and “Fat, sick and nearly Dead.”

The answer to every problem is going organic. Don’t believe me? You can change right now, starting today, and fix everything that is not organic to be so. You could have an “organic” job. Yes. You can. You can work for yourself or for someone who cares about health and the environment. May you could write for natural news? May you could read natural news daily and change your total intake to organic. You know it’s cheaper than conventional food now. Yes, try Trader Joes brand. Try the Natural News Store on line for storable foods too. Protect your family in advance, so when these crazy disasters strike, whether by nature or by the U.S. Government’s doings, you can stay organic and relaxed, in a peaceful safe place, like in the country with your own huge organic garden.

You can change every product you buy to organic. You can support life instead of death. You can support local farmers and family businesses instead of supporting evil corporations. You can exercise daily and rid your body of toxins. You can visit a Naturopath Physician instead of some quack MD, and get real advice on food and water and supplements!

You can start now and never stop. You can change your world to 100% organic. Do it. It’s cheaper than the conventional, diseased, disordered, stressful life. Trust me. I’m living organic. Blog organic. Share organic. Make that change. You’ll love it.


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