Natural News traces the power of honey, reveals the truth about ‘organics’ from China

honey comb
China is known all over the world as a booming economy that looks to overtake the USA in a few years. But there has always been a concern about the authenticity of the products that China manufactures. Natural News reports that when it comes to organic products China is one of the countries that are to be trusted least. China is actually an ‘environmental nightmare’ and there is no record of how much aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury is allowed to be dumped in Chinese ‘organic’ products, so organic products from China are nothing but a hoax. More at

However, not all organic products are manufactured in the way the Chinese do. Take for example, honey. Raw honey has a large number of useful applications right from curing burns to strengthening weak bones. According to Natural News unpasteurized honey retains its medicinal properties and is thus able to heal a number of diseases. Dr. Cass Igram of The Survivor’s Nutritional Pharmacy opines that raw honey is hugely effective in protecting the body from bacteria and parasites. Raw honey contains sugar, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that collectively contribute towards the fast healing of a wound. Know more on this at .

The online store of Natural News is full of such organic products that help in maintaining a healthy life. The herbal medicine chest is a must for those who want to treat diseases in natural ways. The chest is a collection of 14 herbal medicines that are perfect for emergency treatments and fast aids. Buyers can order the chest online and it would be delivered to them free of cost. It is available at a discounted price so that buyers can save a few bucks and get hold of a hugely useful item. In order to buy the chest visit .


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