Superfoods being shipped to Oklahoma City tornado victims! Health Ranger Mike Adams and Natural News donating $10,000

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Do you work for a large company that can help the tornado victims? Talk to your manager or the President of the company. Did you know the victims of the tornado they need tools, generators, storable foods that are healthy, and it’s very scary relying on FEMA or DHS, after all, there are lots of safety issues for those families. Many are grieving and don’t need to wait weeks for help, like the Hurricane Sandy victims did in the Northeast U.S. not long ago, and FEMA has a week’s notice to prepare, but they just weren’t there. And the Red Cross, well, they don’t get a whole lot of compliments for being timely either. Following Katrina devastation, American Red Cross had all kinds of logistics problems and a disorganized shelter process.

“Katrina, however, was too much for the Red Cross. The Red Cross was challenged to meet its responsibilities under the NRP, as its $2 billion relief operation was 20 times larger than any previous Red Cross mission.”

Mile Wide Tornado Hits Oklahoma City – Why didn’t they have good shelters ready?

“Taking tornados as an example, there is a reason why Oklahomans have, for generations, built “storm shelters” where they could retreat to survive an approaching storm.” What happened to planning ahead? Is everything in 2013 just profit and power based? Does our Federal Government ever help American families and communities plan ahead? Is every dollar we pay in taxes wasted on overseas war? What are we getting out of that, oil and heroin? Why wait a week or two until the whole country is up in arms? The Government of USA should be buying power tools, superfoods, and power generators in advance, like the way DHS spends billions on tanks, automatic weapons and hollow point bullets, and the Feds should be shipping billions in help to Oklahoma City right now, via 18 wheeler trucks and trains and planes, but instead, we deal with Benghazi and the IRS fraud. Let’s all get positive and learn from this recent natural disaster. Just because we can’t control Mother Nature doesn’t mean we can’t prepare better and send more help fast afterwards. Natural News covers all of this and more. Stay in tune:

Have you seen the numbers for the Oklahoma city devastation? Project USA is stepping up their efforts to help, and the Health Ranger is coordinating with them to bring relief in the form of Superfoods, CASH, and healthy nutrition. You see, often help comes to people in this position, but not always the right KIND of help. If your body and spirit are in agony from relative’s deaths or personal injury and loss of all belongings, you need real food that helps the body and mind recover, not some junk food and bad medicine like USA dishes out to poor and devastated countries around the world. It is important to keep your intake pure when you have been through something like this Tornado Event, and stay positive. Adams says he will make sure the Natural News donation makes it to Oklahoma City even if Operation USA is unable to coordinate the logistics. “One way or another, we will make sure our storable organic food makes it from Austin, Texas to Oklahoma City.” Natural News is just one of many companies making donations to Oklahoma tornado victims.

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