Department of Justice tries to bury whistleblower of the gun running “Fast and Furious” – Eric Holder still on the hook

drug running to mexico (2)

When you’re a criminal, nothing matters but acquiring lots of money illegally and getting away with it. God forbid you should have to work a real job and do the right thing, legally and ethically, and earn money. The “Agency” of the U.S. Government which saw thousands of semi-automatic, military-style rifles purchased in the U.S. by straw buyers fall into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, that same agency wants to bury anyone with any inside info who still wants to talk about it, and for one former U.S. attorney, pointing the finger at the “bad guys” isn’t the problem, it’s living to tell about it.

Folks, there are reasons Obama is still in office, after committing atrocities to the Bill of Rights and abusing his power, and whether he knows all about this scandal from the beginning we may never know, but the guys in charge of dealing weapons to drug dealers and gangs got caught red-handed (they are “furious”), and this time there are people from the inside who know TOO MUCH, and they are “dodging bullets” so to speak, bullets that “smear” so nobody will believe a word they say. This time, the gang and the government are no different:

Similar to what you amy hear about this on TV, when CNN covers a breaking story, like the Millions against Monsanto anti-GMO Worldwide march, that they don’t want to cover, they always bury the truth by using a pawn who won’t tell it like it is. Set up that straw man and knock him over, just like George W. Bush used to do. Same tactic. That is the same kind of ploy used for discrediting the whistleblowers, before the general public takes notice and does “more” research on their own. (

The Media is excellent at twisting the facts to suit their agenda, and the Obama speeches are hypnotic for anyone who can’t turn off the television, the idiot box, and who tries to make sense of his agenda, which talks around topics so it sounds like he’s taking ALL sides, but really he’s only taking HIS side. We’ve seen it for 5 years now. Now Eric Holder is in hot water, again, just like the DOJ. Last time I checked, dealing drugs and weapons to gangs and drug dealers gets you life in prison, doesn’t it? Why do these officials flirt with such disaster? Are they so arrogant that they think they can say and do anything, anytime, and have immunity to the laws? One of the greatest whistleblowers of our time is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. His journalism and whistle-blower broadcasts, via radio, skype and other video appearances, like on InfoWars, reflect modern day intelligence, caring, and forthright reporting that we all need to deal with the craziness of our Government. Like no other news on the internet, Mike Adams relates how a corrupt tyranny of officials high up in U.S. Government, including the IRS, DOJ, and even FEMA and DHS are just trying to stay in office long enough to pull off a domestic war, and GET AWAY WITH IT. Remember folks, it’s all about getting lots of money and getting away with it. (

How does this corruption spill over into your private life? How does this corruption spill over into your health? Ask yourself these questions and then research the links so you can protect your family from what’s “rolling down hill” at us all.

Natural News covers the scandal as it deepens for Eric Holder. J.D. Heyes of Natural News has this: “Decrying bureaucracy and advocating for smaller government shouldn’t be a political slogan. It should be a demand of every freedom-minded, liberty loving American.”


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