Move to the hills and store potable water now, or face Earth’s water shortage the hard way, reports Natural News

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When we think of fresh, drinkable water, in America, we think of mountain springs or bottled spring water, or maybe some triple filtered, Kangen water. Some people actually believe that tap water is drinkable, that it doesn’t have insecticide and pesticide and chlorine and toxic forms of fluoride in it, and they think it hydrates them, but it does the opposite. Some people think all bottled water is okay, but most of it is TAP water and is toxic to the human body. Some people think when the fresh water runs low, science will just filter the ocean water and make that drinkable for everyone, but economically and politically this isn’t happening.

There are many myths to be dispelled about drinking water, and we have just begun to tap the well, to touch the “iceberg” of problems that besiege all of us, who must have clean water to survive. Global weather changes and strange patterns of disasters have struck lately, and people aren’t thinking clearly or preparing for the damage that is probable, to our ecosystems, to agriculture, to potable water.

Americans tend to think of just THIRD WORLD problems when they think of water shortages, but it’s all happening right here too. GMO agriculture is poison food, and it is sucking up 75% of our water supply, leaving that ground water infested with pesticide, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. This is global catastrophe, and other countries don’t want to import our toxic food anymore.

Pulling all this water from the ground is not limitless supply, my friends. It’s running short and running short fast, all over the earth. You want to get to mountains and away from the coastlines and big cities, fast. You can protect your family, your health, and store pure water, it’s still not a crime! Get surthrival from the Health Ranger Mike Adams and learn how to prepare for almost anything, including water shortages, droughts, hurricains, tornadoes, food famine, water pollution, gun confiscation and more.

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