Australia’s #1 agricultural commodity, wheat, about to be “mutated” and toxic

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How do you take 7.5 billion dollars and make it worthless? GMO. Actually, you can make it more than worthless, you can make it harmful, and it must be that Australia either hasn’t heard about Japan’s banning of U.S. wheat since the GM contamination, or they just don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe they missed the worldwide march against Monsanto, or maybe their politicians are like ours, and all that matters is money and power, and there are no more ethics when it comes to food and disease prevention.

GMO pollen dispersal is uncontrollable: Mike Adams of Natural News covers this:

GM wheat can travel. It doesn’t need to be shipped to other farms to contaminate them. Seeds and pollen can travel by water, irrigation, wind, birds, you name it. There is no way to put up a fence, or to say that some conventional or organic farmers with land near some FrankenFarm could possibly be responsible for keeping the Frankenwheat off their land, but still the companies that make Frankenseeds win in court when they sue these farmers for stealing their patents. How ridiculous. GM wheat, once planted in Australia, will travel to ALL farms and ruin ALL wheat, so that any humans consuming it, especially children, according to studies posted by Natural News, are susceptible to gene pathway defects and probably cancer, maybe even in childhood. GM Wheat can actually reprogram the human genome, meaning your gene pathways can get screwed up permanently. It’s already proven that certain GMOs keep the human body from excreting toxins properly, and we’re not just talking about the genetically mutated toxins of pesticide and insecticide, which are scary enough. That’s right, certain GMOs inserted into plants and then eaten can block the human body’s ability to detoxify. That’s like if you didn’t go to the bathroom for a month, can you imagine the toxicity and the health problems. GM wheat is programmed health catastrophe! Want to know more about this?

You can read that report here:

“Yet, despite all this, the Australian government continues to ignore the facts as it pushes full steam ahead for full GM wheat deregulation.”


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