90% of Tobacco is GMO! You can learn to quit smoking pesticide with 14AndOut

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Smoke herbicide and pesticide all day and what do you get? You get a recurring hangover that seemingly needs a new blast of nicotine to quell or “dissipate,” but in actuality, the only thing the nicotine does is stave off the headache, the nervousness, the anxiety, the “chemical hangover,” and after 30 to 40 minutes, it kicks in again, that feeling of angst, of unnecessary worry, and you need another fix. What is the TRUE driving force of the cigarette addiction? Could it possibly be that the 4,000-plus chemicals, which are comprised of pesticide and different super strength herbicides, cause a “hangover” which beckons for relief?

GMO tobacco means that scientists in labs are injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from the DNA of other living things into the seeds of the tobacco plant. GMO tobacco also means that pesticide and herbicide are inside the tobacco plant, and that farmers who use GM pesticides are spraying up to TEN TIMES MORE RoundUp and other poisons on the crop, adding exponentially to the toxicity of the smoker’s nightmare, where these bug and weed killers are mixed with bacteria in the lungs, the heart and the brain, compounding the inability of the pack-a-day smoker to ever quit the habit. (http://www.naturalnews.com/039233_tobacco_ammonia_cigarettes.html)

Let’s examine what is occurring every time someone smokes a genetically modified cigarette. When the cigarette burns at 1700-degrees Fahrenheit during the inhale, the pesticide is mixed with ammonia-treated nicotine, and creates a chemical cocktail for the central nervous system to engage. The vicious cycle deepens. (http://www.naturalnews.com/036175_smoking_addiction_hangover.html)

Killing beetles, weeds, worms and humans for profit
The entire genetically modified (GM) tobacco industry, otherwise known as “Big Tobacco,” wants the BUD WORMS AND HORN WORMS dead. It’s as simple as that! Their ultimate goal is making more money using biotech “engineering,” all at the cost of human health. You see, by digesting bacteria and “biochems,” which destroy the digestive tracts and the reproductive abilities of insects, worms, beetles and the like, humans are destroying their same genes. In America, it’s legal to “slow kill” people, by manufacturing and selling carcinogens, especially when those consumers “know” there is a risk. But who REALLY knows the risk, because if you don’t understand GMO, you have no clue the extent and depth of that risk, hence the junk science of bad food and tobacco addictions. Long term problems have now become SHORT TERM health destruction problems. Think about genetically modified corn, soy, cottonseed, beets and canola as you read the following about tobacco pests and GM pest fighting chemicals:

Stop Smoking RoundUp
There’s only one “sure fire” way out of the nicotine/pesticide addiction: Nutrition combined with behavior modification. NaturalNews enthusiasts know about a natural method which requires no medication and no hypnosis. You can stop smoking bug and weed killer and start living CLEAN again, and you can eat organic food and become “organic” again, just like you were before cigarettes, before the corrupt tobacco industry got a hold of you. Learn the KEY strategies you need to stop smoking forever. You can get “insider” knowledge from the author/teacher who has helped thousands of smokers stop smoking within 14 days using the natural method called 14AndOut!. By weaning yourself off commercial tobacco and switching to organic tobacco for the final 14 days, you can learn how to kill the urge and cut the habit with 14AndOut!, which is recommended by the Health Ranger. Watch the free preview by Mike Adams or share this insight with someone you know who wants to stop smoking GMO tobacco and who would like to reclaim their healthy life! (http://premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm)

On top of everything else cigarettes do ruin your health, nicotine is constipating and lowers your libido. Dear friends; escape the GMO nightmare! Don’t eat it. Don’t drink it. Don’t smoke it. Say goodbye to Monsanto, toxic vaccines, genetically mutated food and yes, cigarettes, once and for all. Remember, you are NOT a BUG. Ask yourself, do you want to be a bug being killed, or a “human being” alive?


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040703_gmo_tobacco_chemicals_in_cigarettes.html#ixzz2WcFUKCNz


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