While Feds print money, 80% of Americans living in poverty

While we fight an unnecessary war in Middle East that costs a trillion a year, 80% of Americans living in poverty; a secret statistic the media hides

The income gap is widening! Are you rich or are you poor? Do you make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year, or do you make $30,000 before taxes, which amounts to about $1700 a month net? Maybe you make $17,000 a year, which amounts to about $900 a month net income. Can you afford the basic necessities, like rent (or mortgage), car loan payment, car insurance, food and gas, and your power bill, which probably goes to some monopoly service? Most people cannot afford health insurance of any kind, and most Americans are not given enough hours a week to be considered full time, so they don’t get any health insurance with their job. Millions of Americans are on food stamps, and they’re using those to buy GMO food, gluten food, bleached food and they’re drinking tap water, which gives them chronic health problems.

Since the housing bubble burst in 2008, millions have either lost their homes, are about to lose their home, are under water as far as loan to value ratio, and either can’t afford to move or have to move soon or be foreclosed upon by rogue banks and a government that wrote bad loans for homes they knew would lose mass equity when the bubble burst. Predatory lending, variable rate loans, balloon loans, home equity lines for consolidation, and other high risk loans like negative amortization were sold to Americans without a hitch, as if nothing could ever go wrong. Now it’s like an apocalypse, and all you have to do is go for a long car ride through some neighborhoods to see; thousands of homes are vacant, have for sale signs in the front yard, are foreclosed, are in shambles, falling apart at the seams, in need of a new roof, or new windows, or just major maintenance, all while most Americans can barely afford to put food on the table and pay the power and water bill.

Disability, welfare stamps and social security are like “life jackets” for most families, and Obama likes it that way. If you rely on the Government, you won’t have much to say when they take away your rights and invade your privacy!

Natural News has statistics, and you don’t have to be a minority to be at 80 percent “risk” of poverty and relying 100% on government aid of some sort:

More than 19 million whites are below the poverty line for a family of four – $23,021 – which accounts “for more than 41 percent of the nation’s destitute, nearly double the number of poor blacks”;

— In 2011, a snapshot of poverty in America showed 12.6 percent of adults who were in prime working ages between 25 and 60 years old were living in poverty;

— Poverty risks have increased in recent decades – the same period in which manufacturing jobs have declined by the millions – particularly for those between 35-45.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041438_poverty_unemployment_economic_hardship.html#ixzz2ajuuV6U4

Learn self-reliance! Learn from the Health Ranger Mike Adams how to grow your own organic food, prepare for natural disasters, and protect your family from a rogue government who does nothing to protect you or your rights. You can find a safe place to live, away from metropolitan nightmares, and you can regain your self-respect and your Bill of Rights! Stay informed with natural news and stay tuned. Here’s the link to natural news radio, which is available 24/7 with your internet connection!



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