The FEAR of death from anaphylactic shock is greater than the fear of contracting hepatitis B – you better get the facts!

Who believes that vaccines are beneficial and safe? Is it only Americans? What countries are doing away with them all together? What are the chances of getting hepatitis B anyway, especially if you don’t do intravenous drugs and you’re not engaged in prostitution?

Why do humans go into shock after receiving “normal” vaccines? This happens with HPV vaccines also. Is it because the scientists who design and manufacture them are intending to completely SHOCK your system into some kind of fight or flight defense movement, where you whole immune system is catapulted into some synthetic state of emergency?

Yes, that is why. Plus the fact that nearly every vaccine and flu shot contain some or all of the following: Thimerisol, MSG, formaldehyde, sorbitol, bacteria, live or dead virus, genetically modified organisms, chicken embryo, gelatin, peanut oil, and more.

“It’s been only 70 years since World War II, and the mad scientists from companies like I.G. Farben, BASF, Hoechst, Dow and Bayer, who created the gas chambers and tested dangerous vaccines on innocent Jews, didn’t just go away. In fact, they went to work for U.S. corporations and pharmaceutical companies that run the vaccine industry today. At least a dozen of these cold blooded killers were hired fresh out of prison, just 4 to 7 years after the Nuremberg trials found them guilty of mass murder and enslavement.”

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“The Vietnamese Health Department is coming out and ending the use of hepatitis B vaccines throughout the entire country of Vietnam. The decision was made after three different families lost their babies after the precious young ones were inoculated with standard, proven hepatitis B vaccinations. The three babies died on July 20th in the central province of Quant Tri. The cause of their death is listed as anaphylactic shock.”

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I guess people in Asia and the Pacific Islands don’t like getting cancer from our GMO food and they don’t like going into comas from our vaccines. But I thought America fed the world and helped everyone fight disease? What’s happening here? Aren’t we the good guys still? Were we ever? Natural News tells it like it is, the reality check is in folks. Read up and tune into the organic news that keeps you safe and healthy. Immunity comes from Mother Nature, herbs, tinctures, and a plant based diet. Don’t be fooled by Western Medicine trying to shock everybody with FEAR and FIGHT OR FLIGHT VACCINES!

“Essentially, the hepatitis B vaccine is of no value at all for a baby. The vaccine’s lifespan is about 20 years, making it useless by the time a baby has become a young adult.”

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