Whooping cough is the new 10 year itch, so go scratch it with a deadly vaccine

First things first, vaccines have NEVER been proven to prevent any disease. In fact, the numbers are usually HIGHER for coming down with diseases if you do get the vaccines, so why bother? What’s the big scare, that you’ll catch a disease where you start throwing up and then you die? Word is, cases have double for whooping cough since just a year ago, we somehow went from about 20k to 40k plus cases in the U.S. alone. So how many cases were not severe at all, in fact, very minor, and how many of the severe cases were people who got the JAB, the inoculation, the TDAP, the mercury and aluminum immune system “jumpstart?” How many people were so scared about the hype that they ran out and got jabbed with the ten year RE-DO, the re-up, the “safety precaution” where you shoot toxins into your blood, hoping and praying for some massive, unnatural immune reaction response that magically builds tons of antibodies all prepared for the next 10 years to beat down those “evil forces” of disease, the ones you hear about on the news, but never see the REAL and RELEVANT statistics?


Since the 1940’s, the U.S. has the “Olympic team” that’s undefeated, the team of scientists and the media exposure that wins the trophy every year for instilling fear, non-sense fear in Americans, so they’ll run to the doctor, the nurse, the pharmacist, and anyone working at a “jab” table at the elementary schools, and get shot up with the latest concoction of bacteria, virus, insect samples of DNA, and whatever emulsifiers that help that “medicine” travel through your veins to your CNS, your brain and your heart. Gotta SHOCK that immune system into action! Right.

Here’s what a doctor has to say that didn’t sell out to Big Pharma. Here’s a doctor who is NOT a quack, not a pill and vaccine pusher:

“The risks that whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus pose to health are low compared to the potential, serious dangers reported as a result of this vaccine. Whooping cough can be treated successfully through a vitamin C protocol developed by Dr. Suzanne Humphries which has been shown to greatly reduce symptoms. In contrast, antibiotic treatments, given routinely by conventional, allopathic physicians to treat whooping cough, have never been shown to positively impact the course of the illness.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041687_whooping_cough_tdap_vaccine_brain_damage.html#ixzz2cR8oVJmF

Wait, there’s more!!
J.D. Heyes of Natural News covers this atrocity and bad medicine story:

“Health consequences resulting from the Tdap vaccine include encephalitis, brain damage and death. A comprehensive report made by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) documents clearly the widespread health dangers associated with the Tdap vaccine.”

GET the FACTS about VACCINES: http://vactruth.com/2013/07/24/brain-damage-death-vaccines/


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