Does Your Drinking Water contain some of same chemical “weapons” said to be stockpiled in Syria?

Look, over there, a government that doesn't talk about nutrition!
According to Natural News, Martin Wagner and his colleague, Jorg Oehlmann, from the Goethe University Frankfurt, in conjunction with a team of researchers from the German Federal Institute of Hydrology, have found that thousands of potentially harmful chemicals are still leeching from plastic products into food and beverages, including an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC) known as di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate, or DEHF, that is completely unregulated. They came to this conclusion after conducting tests on 18 different bottled water products to look for the presence of EDCs.
But the most striking discovery of this research is that DEHF, a plasticizer chemical that is used to make plastic bottles more flexible, was clearly identified in the tested water as the most consistent culprit causing antiestrogenic activity. Despite trace amounts of more than 24,000 other potentially damaging chemicals, DEHF stood out as the only possible EDC capable of inducing this particular observed activity, a highly concerning observation.
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If you thought that avoiding all plastics and other food containers made with BPA and similar chemicals was enough to protect you, then you need to think again. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle Children’s Research Institute, BC Children’s Hospital and Simon Fraser University and published in the Nature Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, BPA, which is used in hard plastics, resins lining food cans and thermal paper receipts, has been linked to a wide variety of health problems including reproductive and neurological defects, cancer, obesity and diabetes. In fact, phthalates, which are used to soften plastics and as cosmetic ingredients, have been linked to reproductive defects in males.

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A DOCUMENTARY FILM. By Dr. David Kennedy

FLUORIDEGATE the movie is a new documentary film that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation.

Additional information Infants and brain health video by Dr. Paul Connett:


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