GMO Superbugs and Cancer rates Skyrocket in USA
They’re all found in about 50% of the “Gluten-free” products on the shelves! Hey everybody, they left out pesticide “glue” so that when you eat synthetic cancer causing food, it doesn’t stick to your insides as long! Thank you so much Big Food for looking out for us, all those people with digestion issues, and colon polyps, and irritable bowels, and allergies to bug killer in wheat. Thank you for that, for removing one of the ten horrific poisons in the food, and then calling it healthy, and natural, and Gluten Free!

Hey, how would you like some rattle snake venom, some bark scorpion venom, some formaldehyde, some mercury and some aluminum injected into your veins, because now we have a gluten free vaccine available?! Sounds great doesn’t it? Big Pharma took out one of the dozen poisons in your vaccine, so if you have allergies, you should be good to go now. No preservatives necessary here. We’re looking out for the health conscious. If you heard anything bad about Western Medicine or Western Food, you can set your mind at ease, just look for the labels that say “all natural” and “gluten free.” Just look for the vaccines that say no anthrax and you should be fine. Are you allergic to MSG and Aspartame? Are you allergic to radiation from nuclear plants? Are you allergic to Obamacare? These are things you should investigate now. Natural News has great resources on all of this:

“The toxins in most conventional foods are now trapped inside your body, inside your cleansing organs and inside your blood, choking out the oxygen and holding in poisons … Many gluten-free foods still contain MSG, aspartame, Sorbitol, Sucralose, maltodextrin, GMO corn sugar and other genetically modified additives that pollute and clog up the digestive tract and cause central nervous system disorders and ailments.”

Learn more:

Gluten-Free is a great beginning, don’t get me wrong. Gluten free enables your body to get rid of most other food toxins within 24 hours, and that’s a great start. Now you need to start juicing fruits and vegetables, and get a smoothie making nutribullet so you can really detoxify. This is the beginning of your perfectly healthy life, without fake medical coverage and without being fooled by mass media “catch and release” coverage of the MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS in health and vitality. Get GMO-free and never consume anything GMO, don’t drink it, don’t eat it, don’t put in on your skin, and God knows don’t inject it via vaccine or flu shot. Use your common sense and natural news research to make informed, educated decisions and guide yourself out of the labyrinth of myths and hoaxes perpetuated by the MASS MEDIA. Here is the natural news tracker and the Health Ranger update, plus the NON-GMO project website link. Good luck!

Research more here:

Natural News Tracker:

Health Ranger Update:


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