JOKERS TO THE RIGHT, CLOWNS TO THE LEFT: Confiscation of private wealth via Obamacare; a future “enterprise” of the Administration

Cold Hard Cash for the Financial Apocalypse!
How do you pay for a trillion dollar a year unnecessary war? Taxes. How do you sell the public on it so they don’t rise up and rebel? Fear and TV. And how do politicians pocket the most money during their reign? The Military Industrial War Complex. Do you know how much Dick Cheney made off Haliburton contracts in Iraq, from 2003 to 2008? I bet you don’t know. Taxes pay for war monger’s private wealth accumulated as quickly as possible while holding office, which can be as little as a couple years, or more often 4 to 8 years, but in the case of these NEW guys running Capital Hill, we’re talking lifelong politicians, CEOs, VPs and CFOs. So when everything goes down the drain in a few months, and the debt tsunami envelops the system, and after Obama and his stooges can’t extort any more money out of the TV zombies and two party believers, that’s when they go to the bank accounts of the people who SIGNED UP for Obamacare. Everyone who signs up is basically signing over their private wealth, in terms that even hold up in court, when you get some hot shot lawyer to try to help you get it back.

55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know
#1 While Barack Obama has been president, the U.S. government has spent about 11 dollars for every 7 dollars of revenue that it has actually brought in.
#2 During the fiscal year that just ended, the U.S. government took in 2.449 trillion dollars but it spent 3.538 trillion dollars.
Get the story and all the other 53 of 55 Facts here:


Okay, so now you know. What are you going to do about it? Did you sign up for obamacare-lessness yet? Think again. Okay, it’s time to tune into natural news so you can’t be fooled by the fools. Jokers to the right, clowns to the left, here I am stuck in the middle again!


So you think the two “parties” are at each other’s throats over the latest drama scripted out and acted out and talked about on CNN? So you read the Washington Post and Time and you think you’re up to speed? Change banks, user names, passcodes, laptops, whatever you need to do. Protect your privacy, your wealth, and your HEALTH by tuning into the Health Ranger and his team of Journalists:

“All the passwords used on will be turned over to the NSA and matched up with individual IP addresses so that NSA operatives can hack into private bank accounts, encrypted email accounts and other private data, based on the assumption that most users use identical passwords across all the websites they commonly access”

“Now is the time to seriously discuss impeachment, not just of the President but of every U.S. Senator and House member who voted for this unconstitutional, “Trojan Horse” health care system that’s destroying America’s economy and wasting an unprecedented amount of time, money and effort. End Obamacare now and restore dignity and justice to America.”

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