America feeds the world TOXIC FOOD and TOXIC MEDICINE – India is proof

gmo pyramid shows toxins in food now responsible for 90% cancer cases in USA
There’s an age old “adage” that the United States helps feed the world. There’s so much “pride” in America because we export food and medicine to third world countries, and starving nations that have no supermarkets, and no clean hospitals, and no clean water, and so on. We have this notion, here in the U.S., that the rest of the world is suffering from malnutrition, and lack of vaccines, and that they don’t have enough doctors, nurses, and healthcare facilities to accommodate all the “sick and dying” men, women, children and newborns, and that the U.S. pretty much saves everybody from their own demise. This is simply not true, and if you look at the fancy “fronts” created in America, where we have these well constructed and well lit hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and 24 hour “doctor in a box” clinics, you’d think we are “all that.” But upon closer look, upon examining the real deal, we see that America feeds our people toxic food, including GMO, genetically modified food containing pesticides and herbicides that cause cancer and a host of other diseases and disorders. And upon closer look, you see that America fluoridates the drinking water with toxic fluoride imported from China, which causes mental disorders, CNS disorders, brittle bones and cancer itself. And upon closer look, you see that pharmaceutical medications mostly exacerbate critical health conditions, only covering up symptoms and leading to chronic ailments themselves. So, where and when are we exactly “helping the world?” Where is all that pride, if we are basically making other countries full of millions of people sicker, and feeding them bug and weed killer food, and trying out dangerous medications, vaccines, and making their problems worse?

Natural News is exposing this BIG LIE, that the U.S. helps countries, and that the U.S. cares about the health and ethical treatment of people who are destitute and sick. Right now, “The second largest country in the world, India, has become a hotbed of pharmaceutical fraud, as unscrupulous drug companies, mostly from the West, continue to use India’s generally poorer populations as human guinea pigs in unethical and flat-out inhumane clinical trials.”

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In the past two recent years, 2010 – 2012, 1,500 Indian people have died from U.S. “Big Pharma” clinical trials – so the Supreme Court of India is stepping in and demanding answers and proper research be conducted. Could it be that the drug companies that make a fortune in America are “outsourcing” their most dangerous, untested drugs and vaccines and pretending that they’ve done some research and safety testing, knowing that poor countries or civilizations have no means to sue or prove otherwise? It looks as though this is exactly the case. Western Medicine should be called Western Poison! It’s doing nobody any good at all, and exporting it to poor countries like sending them rotten food and pretending like we care.

Read more about the campaign against this “use and abuse” of drugs and dangerous medicine and find out how you can help people in need get real medicine, nutritional food, and the care they deserve.

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