Police Surveillance State of America deepens, all cars to be tracked with built in BLACK BOXES “for your safety”

So imagine it’s the year 2016 and you’re driving down the road in your practically new car, and you get pulled over by the police, even though you weren’t speeding or violating any traffic laws, and your tags, title, registration and insurance are all up to date. You can’t figure out why you’re being pulled over, so you ask right away, “Officer … can you please tell me …” – but much to your dismay, the Homeland Security officer answers your question, right away:

“Mam/Sir, I am pulling you over today because you have not paid the Obamacare tax penalty for zero coverage.” Right away you’re thinking, this is insane, and whether or not you went on line to TRY to register, since Healthcare. – gov is such a huge joke, nobody really gets through anyhow, so how can they be pulling people over. Then you think deeper. “You broke the law.” So then you start wondering how they even knew where you were, I mean, you’re on a neighborhood road, somewhere near work or a friends house and, wait, your “smart” car must have alerted them! Plus, you text someone at the stop light. “The intersection camera tracked your plates and the black box in your car detailed your position on GPS, which is now under DHS jurisdiction (anywhere in the USA). Sir/Mam, although your driving is impeccable, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and WILL be used AGAINST you, in a patriot court of Obamacare.”

Will there be an Obamacare Court? There’s a vaccine court, if you didn’t know. That’s so nobody can sue the vaccine manufacturers without going through their own carefully selected judge and “jury.” Why not an Obamacare court, that handles your criminal case, the case of you not buying coverage on the “exchange.” Plus, since tracking your every move, where you eat, drink, sleep, breathe, work, travel and every purchase you make, the Government of the USA can’t be wasting time with Constitutional battles in court, so your Bill of Rights is dead, you owe major fines to the feds, and you are being stalked by the IRS, the DHS, and your car will now have a blackbox, breathalyzer, and recording equipment built into it. Once you are on probation, you will also have a smart meter installed on your home, and you will be issued your ankle or bracelet NSA prism safety “calendar” to make sure you keep up with ALL your patriot responsibilities, like your payments on your mandatory sick care coverage, your bond insurance, your criminal background insurance, your psych med insurance, and your new “roads, bridges and schools tax. Is it 2014 yet?

This just in from Natural News:

“The federal government is working on a plan that would mandate black box tracking devices be installed in every vehicle, with real-time uploading of vehicle location, speed and mileage to government authorities.

We already know the U.S. government has become a criminal enterprise that uses extortion, intimidation, threats and even acts of violence against the American people to command their compliance.

Get ready for the new “Surveillance Amendment” to the Constitution. What’s next, a FEMA Camp Tax? Mike Adams has more information you should understand about your rights and what the Obama police state of USA entails:

Realization #1) The government wants to track your every move
Realization #2) Government can turn EVERY road into a toll road
Realization #3) Two-way communication allows government to control your vehicle

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/042690_vehicle_black_boxes_mileage_taxes_remote_control.html#ixzz2j1IsUmVL


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