White House tries to shut up mass media from talking about huge Obamacare failure

Fabrications of Disease by USA Pharma
Image – it’s all in the “delivery” – so the White House won’t let the mass media talk “too much trash” about Obamacare failure. In fact, they can’t let the mass media talk too much trash about the “healthcare.gullible” rollout and mass failure. Not only is Obamacare a massive front to get people’s private info for the next campaign, for IRS liens if you don’t vote for the next Democratic clown, and for paying back Wall Street, but Obamacare is just another broken promise, one gigantic promise, in a long, long string of broken promises where Obama delivers the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he says he will do. You will lose your plan if you like it, and you will have sticker shock deductibles. Welcome to the administration that is still fighting a fake war in a desert where nobody has ever “thrown out” the natives. So now, if you talk too much “smack” about the fake war or the government healthcare site fiasco, the hoax, the Hollywood front, the stage prop, the “staged event” if you will, well, now, there will be “RETRIBUTION” from the White House, you know, where the King of the Great Tyranny of 2013-2014 lives. Especially if you are an anchor for some “propaganda” station that reports so objectively what the White House has scripted in advance. You can memorize it, like a good actor, and the Network won’t lose its sponsors!

At least 50% of the commercials during CNN news, MSNBC news and the like are commercials about Big Pharma drugs that have side effects like internal bleeding, increased risk of heart attack, thoughts of suicide, suicide – but you are supposed to “ask your doctor if it’s right for you!” – just after you listen to the lying script about the war, and the mass shooting, and the statistics from the healthcare site that doesn’t work. I say we get a list from every STATE in America right now of how many people are not only enrolled, registered, shopping, blah blah blah, but every person who is actually covered right now, who went on line VIA healthcare dot gov: http://www.naturalnews.com/042428_obamacare_exchange_javascript_critical_errors.html

This is what the mass media cannot, will not, and has not said because not only would they lose their BIG PHARMA sponsors, but they would probably lose their jobs, get audited vigorously, get exposed for having an affair, get fined or imprisoned for tax fraud and tax evasion, or if it still exists, arrested for insider trading. That is what the PRISM information NSA hub is all about.

The White House needs power when everything falls apart, and they need to be able to lien on anyone and any organization that crosses them, that exposes them “a little too much” – and the Obama Administration is all about that power grab, seizing the rights to suppress information which denounces their message, which is whatever suits the day. Retribution is a nice word for prison or “Guantanamo Bay” so watch what you say, how you say it, when you say it, and check it against the White House script, which should be in the “News” Producers’ hands at CNN right now, just in case you’re looking for it.



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