Raw food regime goes a long way in determining a healthy you!

According to Natural News, the raw food diet is based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods; this diet is considered to be very rich in nutrients needed for health improvement. But medical studies on raw food diets have shown some positive and negative health outcomes. Here is a resume of what the raw food diet consists of and the benefits and risks of eating raw foods.
What does the raw food diet consist of?
The raw food diet consists mainly of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, seaweed, beans, nuts, dried fruit and young coconut milk are also part of the diet. Most followers are vegan, but some choose to consume raw animal products, like raw (unpasteurized) milk, cheese made from raw milk, sashimi, raw fish and certain kinds of raw meat.
At least 75% of the diet should be raw, and the rest can be heated as long as it stays below 116° F. Heating above this temperature is believed to destroy enzymes and decrease the nutritional value of foods. Some nutrients are lost in cooking, such as vitamin C and certain B vitamins.
The raw food diet also consists of alternating several cooking techniques: juicing and blending fruits and vegetables, sprouting seeds, grains and beans, soaking nuts and dried fruits, and dehydrating fruits. The idea is to make food more digestible and allow organs to work better.
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Now, for the first time ever, Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., reveals how his enzyme-based approach was deliberately designed to fail compared to conventional (chemotherapy) treatment protocols for cancer.
In 1998, the NCI approved funding for a large-scale clinical study, in which Dr. Gonzalez’s nutritional-enzyme therapy would be compared to the best available chemotherapy in the treatment of patients diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Along with his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs, they initially approached this project with enthusiasm, believing it to be a wonderful opportunity to bring the conventional academic world and “alternative” researchers, so often at odds, together for the benefit of science and for patients suffering terrible illness. But as the years passed, they realized (with disappointment) that the same biases against treatment methods developed outside of the mainstream still reigned supreme.
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Here are ten steps and strategies that one can use as part of their arsenal if you want to be super healthy:

1. Watch documentaries about meat processing and tainted animals in America, like The Beautiful Truth, Earthlings, Food Matters, Food Inc., Forks over Knives, and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.
2. Read some articles about genetically modified organisms (GMO), including what is used as feed for animals, hormone injections used to make animals bigger and force them to produce more eggs, milk, etc., and how antibiotics must be used, because most animals are living in CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) in their own feces, sometimes resorting to cannibalism in order to survive their final miserable days.
3. Then, after you’re completely disgusted by the way that Corporate America treats animals, take a walk on the bright side and learn some recipes for success. Begin studying (simply Googling recipes) and trying out your new-found healthy, hearty, digestible, energetic daily meal plan. At first, you’ll miss all that salt, sugar and fat, but soon you’ll feel like a million bucks. Plus, you’ll lose excess fat, have more energy and live longer!
4. Dip sliced veggies (mushrooms, artichokes, squash and onions) in organic egg, then roll them in organic bread crumbs and lightly fry them in olive oil for an occasional treat.
5. Use fresh avocado as the hearty filler for sandwiches on pumpernickel or rye.
6. Make home-made fish tacos with pan-seared, wild-caught tuna.
7. Feast on some sushi/sashimi with seaweed or cucumber salad on the side.
8. Use buffalo sauce and/or blue cheese on your fried vegetables, oysters and shrimp!
9. Juice vegetables using cucumber, celery, carrots, kale, ginger and lime.
10. Mix the vegetable pulp (after juicing) with quinoa, organic brown rice and your favorite hot sauce, or turn it all into a stew.
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