Heavy metal vaccine industry subsidized by failing Obamacare – so will it fail?

Obamacare - the great "mercury injector" swindle
CGI Federal is “jumping ship” and quitting the job of rescuing a sinking “Titantic” called Obamacare. When their contract runs out next month, the firm will not renew its contract and the Obamanites will be using some new useless thugs to “manage” the front, the healthcare.gump labyrinth known as the “exchange” where you buy insurance that you can’t secure or find in the system at the hospital, emergency room, or doctor’s office.

A computer program full of glitches is really a world of hurt that can’t be fixed. No matter how much money and phony techs the government throws at the nightmare, it can’t be simply “cleaned up” in a matter of months or even in this “term” for the Obama Admin.

There are too many insurance companies, lobbyists for Big Pharma, investors in cancer care equipment, and hospitals in disagreement over coverage, payments, subsidies, handouts, payouts, and lack of payouts to ever come together in this arena full of fraud and abuse. America is waking up to the sick care scam and nobody wants to pay 5 times the premium for symptom cover up and unnecessary surgery, chemo and radiation. This may all be a good thing in the end though, because people are getting “fed up” (pardon the pun) with the whole system, and they may just turn to natural news for their news on real care, real food, real remedies, and the organic way of life that doesn’t need anyone to fix some failing fascist forced care site that doesn’t even help anyone.

Accenture to try to “fix” Obamacare website

This is like putting Haliburton in charge of the IRS. Obama must be getting ready for the financial tsunami. They need a company who can flog the system the best and the fastest, and that might just be Accenture. The Obama Administration needs a company who can kickback all the waste, to the lobbyists and politicians running for seats in 2014, 2015 and 2016. This is huge. It’s like the industrial war complex but it’s the industrial medical complex merging with forced sick care and the IRS. When the dollar implodes and inflation takes off, medical collections will compound with foreclosures and the next “administration” will inherit a $20 trillion dollar deficit that’s growing faster than you can say chemotherapy coverage.

Services being subsidized under the new law include, but are not limited to, the heavy metal vaccine industry, the mind altering psychiatric drugging industry and the population birth control industry, among others …. As the mandated insurance exchanges limp along, the Obama administration is now planning to ditch its original website developer, CGI Federal, hoping to develop a new website that actually works.

It’s like the whole system is being made up on the fly, as people in government positions slap the pieces together every day, hoping to make the mandates come alive.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043513_Healthcaregov_CGI_Federal_insurance_exchanges.html#ixzz2qNwoVe2m


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