Top name brand cereal makers using chemical-derived gelatin “gunk-chunks” for “fruit” – is this illegal?

girl vomits
You see it on the cereal boxes – those fresh fruits and the little bits of strawberries, blueberries, apples, whatever on the picture, and they all say they’re “fortified” and “enriched” – but what they don’t say is that gelatin is made from hooves, cartilage and hides of animals that get “reduced” and the colorful fruits aren’t fruit at all and never were. Those little bites ‘o” goodness are nothing but petro-chemical derived food colorings that are toxic and carcinogenic. Then you have the GMO high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup solids that contain pesticide from the GMO experiment that’s going on behind closed doors and under the guise of “Big Agriculture” and “Food Science.” Gelatin, which is reduced animal hooves, hides and muscle tissue is melted down until “bouncy” like fruit! Mix that with some bug-killing corn syrup solids and what have you got? It’s the new Gummy Bear cereal fortified with gelatin and sewage sludge! – (Big Pharma Vit. B) Meets your child’s recommended daily allowance of cancer causing agents!


Not only junk science is exposed in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, but the junk science addiction is exposed also – paving the way for parents to understand why their child is hyper, can’t pay attention to one thing for long, and has mood swings or just shuts down in his/her room after school, trying to “get away” from everything. Maybe your child is depressed or being convinced some psychotropic medication will magically remove the petrochemical coloring in your child’s cereal, and the pest-killing corn that makes all those big brand name cereals cause health detriment. The Health Ranger is exposing all of this scientifically and with a passion. Look at all these BIG NAME cereal manufacturers who are using chemicals for fruit and getting away with it. These corporations are making hundreds of millions of dollars selling chemical cereal.

Take the time now to review this list, the photos and the videos the Health Ranger Mike Adams has recently released:


Kellogg’s, Quaker, Total, and Post are guilty of feeding kids cancer food:

• Corn syrup (genetically modified to kill pests from inside out)
• Artificial flavor – (God only knows what’s in there and allowed by FDA)
• Soybean oil (most likely from GMOs)
• Gelatin – animal hooves, hides, muscle tissue melted down until “bouncy” like fruit!
• Citric acid (most likely from GMOs)
• Red #40 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic
• Blue #2 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic
• Blue #1 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic

“Froot Loops cereal is another big fake. Although it implies it’s made from real fruit, there’s actually no fruit found in a box of Froot Loops!” – Health Ranger


Watch Mike Adams the Health Ranger pick up Wheaties flakes with a magnet!!

Are your kids eating THIS?


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