Are you depending on the “cigarette ritual” to get you through the day?

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My neighbors smoke. They seem to have a lot going on in their front yard and driveway every day and they do most of it with a cigarette in their mouth, whether lit or not, doesn’t matter to them. The excitement, it seems, of smoking “soon” is enough to rile them up into activity, and with the cigarette, they buzz around, doing a little in the garden, cleaning their car out, or just playing ball with the dog. This man and woman behave in the same exact manner with a cigarette, going through lots of ritualistic movements, getting ready to smoke or getting stuff done before the nicotine stick is fully smoked. I notice all of this because I want to understand how to help them quit, if there is a way.

There is a famous saying that goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I wonder. How many smokers have the will to quit, when it seems to me that will power is generated by nutrition, and how many smokers in the world practice a lick of it? Most will tell you that they know “good and well” that cigarettes are bad for them, and might even kill them early, but they don’t want to address their eating habits either. So what then? How can the ritual of smoking be rightfully given up if smokers love it, and it’s what gets them motivated, or feeling normal enough to function? Certainly their diet or “lack thereof” isn’t motivating them or driving them to function. Let’s talk about the rituals and how a smoker can simply replace and replenish in order to quit cigarettes.

Replace and replenish – the secret to quitting the smoking ritual

You’ve seen some, you were one, or you are one now – a smoker playing with a cigarette, packing it, moving it from hand to mouth and back to hand, tapping the ashes, flicking them, taking long puffs, long holds, short puffs, short inhales, and blowing tubes of smoke up towards the sky, or in smoke rings, or even out of their nose. You see smokers packing the pack of cigarettes against their palm or a table top. You hear smokers talk funny with lungs full of smoke. You see them think deeply with the smoke in their lungs, waiting to exhale and feel the nicotine kick. You see smokers with a new, unlit cigarette hanging from their lips, or lip, somehow sometimes stuck to the corner of their mouth, like some treat that’s just waiting in the wings for them to partake. But it’s no treat. This is serious. This is “business” as usual for a smoker, who loves the ritual and nurtures it – the very ritual that is crippling their natural motivation, natural will and worst of all, their organic being.

The beginning of quitting is realizing how deep the ritual runs, and then addressing every moment of it. Sounds difficult, but it is rather simple. If you or someone you know smokes a pack a day, that’s about 250 times they repeat their hand to mouth habit, not to mention all the other rituals. Two packs a day means 500 rituals including a change of breathing patterns. Think about that. How do you breathe while smoking? Take the smoke away and start stretching and you might call it yoga.

Now take organic snacks like diced up celery or carrots, raw nuts, dark organic chocolate, dried organic fruits and some spring water, and put that to your mouth and nibble, 250 to 500 times a day, then stretch and breathe and we are NO LONGER DEPENDENT on nicotine to feel good or to feel motivation. There is no “come down,” no let down, and no running to the store for nicotine cancer sticks. The habit ends. The ritual is changed forever, and the negative feelings that come from the 7,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes just wither away like weeds you stopped watering! Do it. Release yourself from the nicotine prison. It’s time to replace and replenish every little “bad” ritual with a good one, and experience longevity that you inherently “long for” and have since before you ever picked up your first cigarette.

Health is the only wealth – just ask a sick rich person!

Want to quit cigarettes forever, and do it naturally? Check out 14 & Out, the world’s best, most comprehensive smoking cessation method that uses knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition to help you help yourself get free, for good!
Here’s the preview/trailer presented by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams:

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