Inflation, Food Shortages and Staged, Scripted CNN News

gmo twins

Guess what’s coming soon to a “theatre” near you? Staged news, crisis, higher priced food and gas, and possibly metro city riots. When the FOOD STAMPS are cut off, there will be chaos in every big city in America, guaranteed. Obama will be the Villian, or the next commander in greed, and the people who are lazy and starving will be looting stores everywhere. Run for the hills! If you’re stuck in city life, you must be prepared for this. This is not doom and gloom news, this is realism. Have plenty of stored organic food. Have plenty of filtered potable water, and even a good water filter that needs NO electricity. Computers and smart phones may be rendered useless. Gas stations will all be dry instantaneously, like during Super Storm Sandy of the Northeast USA recently.

Have registered, legal weapons for self defense in your home, because the NDAA and DHS may send their FEMA cops to your home to confiscate (or try to) your food, as if to help the “war on terror” which we all know is fake. The social engineers of mass paranoia have succeeded in fooling the sheeple, but the health enthusiasts and Natural News enthusiasts all know better:


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The Take Down Of America


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