Another important victory in favor of GMO labeling!


According to The Atlantic, there are currently 84 bills on GMO labeling in 29 states, as well as dueling bills in Congress.Vermont State Senator Bobby Starr, a Democrat, represents a remote, rural district on the Canadian border. For the past couple of years, everywhere he went, everyone from villagers at their annual town meeting to children at a school assembly wanted to talk about genetically modified organisms in their food.

The people bringing it up weren’t outside agitators or stereotypical Vermont hippies. “They were just ordinary citizens,” Starr told The Atlantic recently. “I’ve lived here all my life basically to this point, so I know them.” Though Starr, a farmer and former truck driver, had previously chaired the senate’s agriculture committee for more than a decade, he had no strong feelings one way or the other about the idea of requiring labeling of genetically modified, or GM, ingredients. He’d always looked out for farmers, and they were mostly against labeling. But it was clear what his constituents wanted. “I’ve always been pretty good at remembering who I represent,” he said.

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Traditional healers often use ginger to treat ailments ranging from nausea to arthritis pain. Recent studies highlight another use for ginger, the amelioration of the impact of parabens, a chemical widely used in the food and beverage industry and as a preservative in personal care products, drugs, and cosmetics. Parabens have been in the news recently thanks to studies which indicate that the vast majority of Americans show signs of exposure. If ginger does indeed reduce parabens’ impact, that gives it increased importance as a significant natural health therapy.

In a 2010 study in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, scientists evaluated over 2,500 urine samples from Americans over the age of six and found exposure to methyl parabens in over 99% of the sample and propyl parabens in over 92%.

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Is the War in reality a hoax?

According to Natural News, the best article yet written on this subject was penned by none other than Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of The Wall Street Journal.
As Roberts explains (
“The US government creates whatever new bogeymen and incidents are necessary to further the neoconservative agenda of world hegemony and higher profits for the armaments industry.”

He goes on to provide details:
“If we look around for the terror that the police state and a decade of war has allegedly protected us from, the terror is hard to find. Except for 9/11 itself, assuming we accept the government’s improbable conspiracy theory explanation, there have been no terror attacks on the US. Indeed, as RT pointed out on August 23, 2011, an investigative program at the University of California discovered that the domestic ‘terror plots’ hyped in the media were plotted by FBI agents.

“As there apparently are no real terror plots for this huge workforce to uncover, the FBI justifies its budget, terror alerts, and invasive searches of American citizens by thinking up ‘terror plots’ and finding some deranged individuals to ensnare. For example, the Washington DC Metro bombing plot, the New York city subway plot, the plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago was all FBI brainchilds organized and managed by FBI agents.”
Robert goes on to explain the real motivation behind the war on terror. It’s not to fight terrorism, as has been publicly claimed, but rather to scare Americans into a state of blind obedience to a police state government:

“When I observe the gullibility of my fellow citizens at the absurd ‘terror plots’ that the US government manufactures, it causes me to realize that fear is the most powerful weapon any government has for advancing an undeclared agenda.”

“Apparently, Americans, or most of them, are so ruled by fear that they suffer no remorse from ‘their’ government’s murder and dislocation of millions of innocent people. In the American mind, one billion ‘towel-heads’ have been reduced to terrorists who deserve to be exterminated.”
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Inflation, Food Shortages and Staged, Scripted CNN News

gmo twins

Guess what’s coming soon to a “theatre” near you? Staged news, crisis, higher priced food and gas, and possibly metro city riots. When the FOOD STAMPS are cut off, there will be chaos in every big city in America, guaranteed. Obama will be the Villian, or the next commander in greed, and the people who are lazy and starving will be looting stores everywhere. Run for the hills! If you’re stuck in city life, you must be prepared for this. This is not doom and gloom news, this is realism. Have plenty of stored organic food. Have plenty of filtered potable water, and even a good water filter that needs NO electricity. Computers and smart phones may be rendered useless. Gas stations will all be dry instantaneously, like during Super Storm Sandy of the Northeast USA recently.

Have registered, legal weapons for self defense in your home, because the NDAA and DHS may send their FEMA cops to your home to confiscate (or try to) your food, as if to help the “war on terror” which we all know is fake. The social engineers of mass paranoia have succeeded in fooling the sheeple, but the health enthusiasts and Natural News enthusiasts all know better:

Test your level of awareness with food drugs right now – Natural Health News insight

Is there arsenic in your drinking water? What about in your chicken? Are you eating lead? It’s time to find out. How much has accumulated in your body? Did you know certain foods like strawberries can capture heavy metal toxin overloads in your body and remove them? It’s time to look into some chlorella and hemp protein, and the Health Ranger informs us of the best and worst products on the shelves and on line. Get the low down on toxic heavy metals prominent in foods, and save yourself from health detriment. In fact, pursue perfect health:

Are you depending on the “cigarette ritual” to get you through the day?

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My neighbors smoke. They seem to have a lot going on in their front yard and driveway every day and they do most of it with a cigarette in their mouth, whether lit or not, doesn’t matter to them. The excitement, it seems, of smoking “soon” is enough to rile them up into activity, and with the cigarette, they buzz around, doing a little in the garden, cleaning their car out, or just playing ball with the dog. This man and woman behave in the same exact manner with a cigarette, going through lots of ritualistic movements, getting ready to smoke or getting stuff done before the nicotine stick is fully smoked. I notice all of this because I want to understand how to help them quit, if there is a way.

There is a famous saying that goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I wonder. How many smokers have the will to quit, when it seems to me that will power is generated by nutrition, and how many smokers in the world practice a lick of it? Most will tell you that they know “good and well” that cigarettes are bad for them, and might even kill them early, but they don’t want to address their eating habits either. So what then? How can the ritual of smoking be rightfully given up if smokers love it, and it’s what gets them motivated, or feeling normal enough to function? Certainly their diet or “lack thereof” isn’t motivating them or driving them to function. Let’s talk about the rituals and how a smoker can simply replace and replenish in order to quit cigarettes.

Replace and replenish – the secret to quitting the smoking ritual

You’ve seen some, you were one, or you are one now – a smoker playing with a cigarette, packing it, moving it from hand to mouth and back to hand, tapping the ashes, flicking them, taking long puffs, long holds, short puffs, short inhales, and blowing tubes of smoke up towards the sky, or in smoke rings, or even out of their nose. You see smokers packing the pack of cigarettes against their palm or a table top. You hear smokers talk funny with lungs full of smoke. You see them think deeply with the smoke in their lungs, waiting to exhale and feel the nicotine kick. You see smokers with a new, unlit cigarette hanging from their lips, or lip, somehow sometimes stuck to the corner of their mouth, like some treat that’s just waiting in the wings for them to partake. But it’s no treat. This is serious. This is “business” as usual for a smoker, who loves the ritual and nurtures it – the very ritual that is crippling their natural motivation, natural will and worst of all, their organic being.

The beginning of quitting is realizing how deep the ritual runs, and then addressing every moment of it. Sounds difficult, but it is rather simple. If you or someone you know smokes a pack a day, that’s about 250 times they repeat their hand to mouth habit, not to mention all the other rituals. Two packs a day means 500 rituals including a change of breathing patterns. Think about that. How do you breathe while smoking? Take the smoke away and start stretching and you might call it yoga.

Now take organic snacks like diced up celery or carrots, raw nuts, dark organic chocolate, dried organic fruits and some spring water, and put that to your mouth and nibble, 250 to 500 times a day, then stretch and breathe and we are NO LONGER DEPENDENT on nicotine to feel good or to feel motivation. There is no “come down,” no let down, and no running to the store for nicotine cancer sticks. The habit ends. The ritual is changed forever, and the negative feelings that come from the 7,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes just wither away like weeds you stopped watering! Do it. Release yourself from the nicotine prison. It’s time to replace and replenish every little “bad” ritual with a good one, and experience longevity that you inherently “long for” and have since before you ever picked up your first cigarette.

Health is the only wealth – just ask a sick rich person!

Want to quit cigarettes forever, and do it naturally? Check out 14 & Out, the world’s best, most comprehensive smoking cessation method that uses knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition to help you help yourself get free, for good!
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Guard you Mental Health! – Certain foods cause more damage than repair!


According to Natural News, both Garden of Life and Sunwarrior joined an unprecedented agreement to achieve specific heavy metal limits in their protein products by July 1, 2015. Boku Superfood immediately signed on to the agreement after it was first announced.
Mike Adams, editor of and the lead researcher who originally identified tungsten in brown rice protein products, explains that the majority of brown rice proteins tested in the Forensic Food Lab showed levels of tungsten, an industrial heavy metal that’s just now getting noticed in the food industry.
The agreement is the first ever voluntary heavy metals limit ever achieved in the natural products industry. “This marks a milestone for food safety and protections for consumers,” said Adams, who led the agreement discussions.

The agreement limits heavy metals in protein products to:

• Lead limit: 250 ppb
• Tungsten limit: 50 ppb
• Cadmium limit: 1000 ppb
• Mercury limit: 50 ppb

Many protein products currently sold in the USA vastly exceed these limits. Adams is now urging all rice protein manufacturers across the United States to join the agreement already signed onto by Garden of Life and Sunwarrior. VEGA, Jarrow Formulas, Nutribiotic, Living Fuel, Nutribody Protein, Ultimate Superfood and Healthforce Warrior Food are specifically invited to join the industry accord in the interests of public trust and food safety.
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A scientific study conducted at the nonprofit Consumer Wellness Center has found that popular breakfast cereals such as Corn Flakes, Kix, Uncle Sam, Raisin Bran and Honey Bunches of Oats are relatively free of toxic heavy metals. These cereal products are made by companies like Kellogg’s, General Mills, Post and Nature’s Path. Conducted by food scientist and lab director Mike Adams, the study was based on atomic spectroscopy analysis using ICP-MS instrumentation to test for aluminum, mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium. The announcement is posted at
The study is part of a joint effort between the Consumer Wellness Center and Natural News to openly publish heavy metals test results for popular foods, groceries, herbs and dietary supplements.
“These findings indicate that popular cereals tested demonstrate remarkably low levels of toxic heavy metals in their composition,” explained lead scientist Mike Adams. “The concentration of metals detected in these cereals was consistently lower than what we are finding in herbs, superfoods or even many types of fresh produce.”
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Monsanto forced to abstain from fraudulent advertising!

gmo label
As reported by Natural News:
Monsanto to stop making false claims, pulls radio ad
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruling reads, “Aside from submitting links to documents on its website, the respondent [Monsanto] has submitted nothing from an independent and credible expert to confirm that the various studies relied on and referred to on its website are applicable to the respondent’s product, or that they support the advertising claims.” [emphasis added]

Monsanto has been ordered by the ASA to abstain from further fraud

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Natural News in Focus: Missing Flight 370 from Malaysia – Could the ocean have opened up and swallowed it?

ocean funnel
What is at the center of the earth? Is there a huge operational “center” we don’t know about? The airline was said to have stopped communicating around 35,000 feet, which is over 6 miles high, what “swooped” into the picture and took the entire plane out of our “world” – but somehow left some cell phones connected to their carrier? These are the theories floating around, none with disrespect to the missing human beings.

What if messages start coming back on the phones? Could NSA listen to aliens? What supernatural force is at work here, or is the plane sitting on some island somewhere in a “twilight” zone?

The Health Ranger does a great job exhausting all possibilities that we know as humans and also some great scientific theory. It’s good to think about all possibilities and keep our minds open, after all, 100 years ago, if we were standing outside and saw 3 F-16 jets do a fly over and blow up something the size of a football stadium with a missile, we’d think Aliens came down to “take something out.”

Check out some of the angles Mike Adams brings to the table in this article:

This brings up the immediate bind-bending question of how electronic devices on a commercial flight that vanished still appear to be connected to the internet. The explanations for this defy everything we think we know about reality:

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Flight 370 vanished in thin air …

More coverage here on Natural

Top name brand cereal makers using chemical-derived gelatin “gunk-chunks” for “fruit” – is this illegal?

girl vomits
You see it on the cereal boxes – those fresh fruits and the little bits of strawberries, blueberries, apples, whatever on the picture, and they all say they’re “fortified” and “enriched” – but what they don’t say is that gelatin is made from hooves, cartilage and hides of animals that get “reduced” and the colorful fruits aren’t fruit at all and never were. Those little bites ‘o” goodness are nothing but petro-chemical derived food colorings that are toxic and carcinogenic. Then you have the GMO high fructose corn syrup, and corn syrup solids that contain pesticide from the GMO experiment that’s going on behind closed doors and under the guise of “Big Agriculture” and “Food Science.” Gelatin, which is reduced animal hooves, hides and muscle tissue is melted down until “bouncy” like fruit! Mix that with some bug-killing corn syrup solids and what have you got? It’s the new Gummy Bear cereal fortified with gelatin and sewage sludge! – (Big Pharma Vit. B) Meets your child’s recommended daily allowance of cancer causing agents!


Not only junk science is exposed in the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, but the junk science addiction is exposed also – paving the way for parents to understand why their child is hyper, can’t pay attention to one thing for long, and has mood swings or just shuts down in his/her room after school, trying to “get away” from everything. Maybe your child is depressed or being convinced some psychotropic medication will magically remove the petrochemical coloring in your child’s cereal, and the pest-killing corn that makes all those big brand name cereals cause health detriment. The Health Ranger is exposing all of this scientifically and with a passion. Look at all these BIG NAME cereal manufacturers who are using chemicals for fruit and getting away with it. These corporations are making hundreds of millions of dollars selling chemical cereal.

Take the time now to review this list, the photos and the videos the Health Ranger Mike Adams has recently released:


Kellogg’s, Quaker, Total, and Post are guilty of feeding kids cancer food:

• Corn syrup (genetically modified to kill pests from inside out)
• Artificial flavor – (God only knows what’s in there and allowed by FDA)
• Soybean oil (most likely from GMOs)
• Gelatin – animal hooves, hides, muscle tissue melted down until “bouncy” like fruit!
• Citric acid (most likely from GMOs)
• Red #40 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic
• Blue #2 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic
• Blue #1 (artificial coloring chemical) – carcinogenic

“Froot Loops cereal is another big fake. Although it implies it’s made from real fruit, there’s actually no fruit found in a box of Froot Loops!” – Health Ranger


Watch Mike Adams the Health Ranger pick up Wheaties flakes with a magnet!!

Are your kids eating THIS?

Coconut – One of Nature’s best gifts to Mankind!

According to Natural News, coconut flour is a flour made from coconut solids that have been ground into a very fine powder. It has a mild coconut scent and flavor, which makes it suitable for flour-based recipes that don’t have other strongly-flavored ingredients such as cocoa powder or spices. It is also quite light and airy, making it especially suitable for baked goods like muffins, pancakes and cakes.
The reputation of coconut flour is growing in the West due to its considerable health benefits, which far exceed those of processed flours. Arguably, coconut flour’s biggest attraction is its gluten-free status, meaning it contains none of the gluten protein molecules found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley.
Gluten is highly allergenic and can even be deadly for people with Celiac disease (a condition where gluten damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing nutrients in food). However, growing evidence – particularly that compiled by Dr. William Davis in his 2011 book Wheat Belly – suggests that gluten is unhealthy for everyone and is a leading cause of lethargy, bloating, brain fog and more. Fortunately, gluten-free diets are becoming much easier to adopt thanks to the growing availability of gluten-free flours like coconut flour.
According to a study published in the December 2006 issue of Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, adding coconut flour to our diets can significantly reduce our risk of developing heart disease, lower our cholesterol levels and guard us from cancer and diabetes. The researchers, based in the Food and Nutrition Research Institute in the Philippines, claim that these benefits stem from coconut flour’s unusually high levels of dietary fiber (a 100-gram serving of it contains a whopping 39 grams of fiber, almost double that of wheat bran).
Dr. Bruce Fife, a naturopathic physician and the author of the book Cooking with Coconut Flour, claims that coconut flour can help adults reach their recommended daily fiber intake of between 20 and 35 grams. He recommends adding 1-2 tablespoons of coconut flour to gravies, baked goods, casseroles or smoothies.
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Coconut oil is very different from most other cooking oils and contains a unique composition of fatty acids. The fatty acids are about 90% saturated. This makes coconut oil highly resistant to oxidation at high heats. For this reason, it is the perfect oil for high-heat cooking methods like frying.
Additionally, coconut oil consists almost entirely of medium-chain triglycerides.
These fatty acids go straight from the digestive tract to the liver, where they are likely to be turned into ketone bodies and provide a quick source of energy. Epileptic patients on ketogenic diets often use these fats to induce ketosis while allowing for a little bit of carbs in the diet.
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The Take Down Of America


Welcome to TIP. ABC, CBS, NBC and all the cable news channels are all bought and paid for and report what they are told to report. The MSM lies to and instigates people into political argument and gossip that leads to dead-end roads and distracts from the real issues. There is much better informational news reporting away from the Democrat and Republican tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate.. TIP is your alternative.


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